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Thank you for visiting The Ultima VI Online Blogspot, created by Urbat (that's me). This blogspot is a library of all the wonderful, unusual, or (dare I say it) notable things I have found out about the Ultima VI Online. Above are links to the various Ultima VI Online resources I have created or maintain. Below are special links (runic alphabet). They are broken up into a series of "notebooks".  I hope that in each notebook you find something interesting and useful to you. Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think of these notebooks.


U6O is a fan developed project based on Ultima VI by Origin. The Ultima VI Online Team is in no way affiliated with ORIGIN or EA Games and is not for profit. Ultima VI Online is an online MMORPG version of Ultima VI. It uses the same data files from the original game in a new engine, which allows for multiple players to play at the same time from the Internet in a permanent world, and which adds several new features to the game. It was originally created by Galleon Dragon.
Among its new features, it includes:
  • 80 spells
  • 200 scripted NPC's
  • Countless quests, including all the originals
  • Up to 8 party members
  • Thousands of unique objects
  • Player housing
  • Custom treasure maps