(Note: The transcription of Ultima VI is taking a very long time.  This list contains the conversations of the first and part of the second of three sets of characters, and includes 106 of the 202 total characters in the game.  I'm still working on the second batch, and could sure use some help.)

This is a transcript of the NPC conversations from the game Ultima VI: The False Prophet.  There are a few special notations to watch for.  An at symbol (@) in front of a word means that word was a "keyword", and would optionally appear in red while playing the game, to tip off the player about what topics an NPC would respond to. However, those were not the only keywords characters would respond to; far from it!  Other symbols using a dollar sign ($) or pound sign (#) followed by a number (e.g. $1 #2 $5, etc.) signify special strings, like the Avatar's name or the time of day, that would be substituted back into the scripts when printed to the screen.  It's fairly easy to see what the values should be in most cases, so I've left the original symbols intact.  The first character isn't really a conversation at all; it's the infamous cheat menu you get inside the game by saying the words "humbug, humbug, humbug, spam" to Iolo. 

1. Avatar
You see yourself.

Cheaters Menu!
1. Get items
2. Set flags
3. Edit party
4. Edit player
5. Hocus pocus
Have a nice day!

1: Object number?
"That's too heavy for you..."

2: Npc number?
0-7 to toggle, 8 or 9 exits:

3: Edit whom?
1. Str = #
2. Int = #
3. Dex = #
4. Lvl = #
5. Exp = #
6. Heal up
Add how much?

4: Questflag = #
Karma = #
1. Set Questflag
2. Add Karma
3. Subtract Karmaa
Set to what?
How much?

5: "In which Circle does $6 wish to study?"
"As everybody knows, there are only eight circles."
"$6 already knows all the #1$1 Circle spells."
"Which of these?"
Create Food, Dispel Magic, Harm, Heal, Help, Light, Infravision, Magic Arrow, Poison, Sleep, Telekinesis, Unlock Magic, Curse, Dispel Field, Fireball, Great Light, Magic Lock, Mass Sleep, Protection, Conjure, Disable, Fire Field, Great Heal, Locate, Mass Dispel, Sleep Field, Wind Change, Energy Field, Explosion, Invisibility, Lightning, Paralyze, X-ray, Charm, Flame Wind, Hail Storm, Mass Protect, Poison Wind, Web, Chain Bolt, Energy Wind, Gate Travel, Kill, Mass Curse, Mass Invisible, Wing Strike, Armageddon, Death Wind, Mass Charm, Mass Kill, Summon, Time Stop, Tremor

2. Dupre
You see a ruggedly handsome man, wearing a gleaming suit of armor.
"Yes, $4?"

"It's Dupre - sounds like dew pray, remember?"

"Why, questing, of course! We've been on many a @quest together, you and I."

"Yes, you've gone on some really fine ones. When you're not around I have to settle for rescuing @damsels, finding @grails, and the like."

"It could be worse. Some of them are pretty eager to show their @gratitude, if you know what I mean..."

"Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more..."

"That's right. Lord British likes to keep grails around to use at his @banquets, but he's always losing them."

"He'll throw us a fine feast if you can deal with the @gargoyle invasion somehow."

"They may be the toughest threat we've ever faced.

"I've been with you since the start of this quest, haven't I?"
"Gladly, $2!"
"Nay, $2, thou seemst to have enough companions as it is."
"Let us wait until we are both on dry land."

"Lord British gave me strict orders not to leave your side until this quest is complete. Besides, you know how I hate to miss a good quest."

"Please, let's not talk about ducks..."

"Yes, enough chit chat. Let's go find some action!"

"Ask Iolo about that."

3. Shamino
You see a quiet man, who almost seems to be a creature of the forest.
"Yes, my friend?"

"Shamino Salle' Dacil."

"I help my @friends when they need it. The rest of my time I prefer to spend exploring the @woods."

"Though we have spent much time apart between your several visits to our realm, still I consider you one of my closest friends."

"I prefer the Deep @Forest. Spiritwood isn't as dense, and it has those strange @wisps everywhere."

"It is @home to me. I love walking in the dark shadows of the trees, and studying the nature of the forest @creatures."

"A home needs not @walls to make it so."

"When folk ask why I have no walls in my home, I ask where are the @trees in theirs!" He smiles.

"In many ways they are the lifesblood of the realm. Without trees, we could not long endure."

"Those that dwell in the woods have lives of their own, more interesting to me than the ways of townfolk. There is much to be learned from the animals, if you will but listen." Dupre says "Now Shamino's going on about talking to animals... The whole world's going batty!"

"I know little of their nature. I believe there are some @mages who have investigated them, however."

"Perhaps one of the members of the council could tell you more."

"I feel that Lord @British does not understand their true nature."

"I know him better than you might think."

"I'll follow you wherever you might choose to lead - you know that."
"It would be an honor, $2!"
"Nay, $2, thou seemst to have enough companions as it is."
"Not right now, $2!"

"I feel you need my guidance through the wild parts of Britannia. I'd best stay with you."

"A pleasure."

"Ask Dupre about that."

4. Iolo
You see your old friend Iolo.
"Well, $4, got time for a @story, eh?"

"Iolo's the only name I remember having." (He pronounces his name 'Yo-low.')
"My hut is in the Deep Forest, south of Yew. My horse Smith lives there."

"I've been a crossbow maker for so long, I've gotten weary of it. Hopefully, now that my @apprentice has taken over the shop, I'll be able to spend more time as a @bard."

"My shop still sells the finest crossbows in the land. I've done a lot over the years to refine the design, and I trained my apprentice well. I'm sure she'll carry on the tradition in fine fashion."

"Yes, it's always been a hobby of mine. Have you heard the piece 'Stones' that I composed some years ago?"
"Oh, you should get my wife @Gwenno to teach it to you some time."
"It's one of my favorites."

"She's had more time to develop her musical talents than I all these years. But after this @quest I hope to join her in @Minoc and enter the artisan's @guild."

"There always seems to be a quest when you come to visit us, doesn't there? Some time you should just drop by for @tea."

"All right, make it Frasier's @Folly, then."

"A drink worthy enough to greet an old friend."

"Not as big as @Britain, but it's a peaceful town."

"Though there is still need for the instruments of war, as I grow in years I would now take up those of peace."

"You know. Where Mr. @Nose hangs out."

"Remember, he doesn't like people to call him that..."

"I've been with you since we saved you from those @gargoyles, haven't I?"
"I consider it my duty to aid thee, $2!"
"Nay, $2, thou seemst to have enough companions as it is."
"Perhaps later, $2!"

"They're pretty ugly looking, if you ask me..."

"His nibs, the king, told me I should stay with you constantly. I'll make an exception when you have to relieve yourself, of course."

"My favorite one is about the time I had to wake Dupre up for a tournament..."
Dupre cuts in. "Iolo! You promised NEVER to tell anyone about that!" "Yes, you're right. I'm sorry." He whispers to you, "Ask me later when he's not around..."
"But maybe I shouldn't tell you about that. After all, I did promise..."

"I've still got to tell you that story about Dupre sometime..."

"Ask Shamino about that."

5. Lord British
You see the noble ruler of Britannia.
"$4! 'Tis good to see thee again. Much hath happened since thou last departed. But I must make sure 'tis thee. Only the true Avatar would know what was contained in the Compendium."
"What doth trolls lack?" (end)
"What part of the tangle vine doth put one to sleep?" (cent,pod,frag)
"How wert the headlesses produced?" (wiza,expe)
"What valued item canst one find near the spawning grounds of Hydras?" (nigh,mush)
"How canst one fend off rotworms?" (torc,fire,flam,burn,pass)
"How doth sea serpents attack?" (fire,ball,swip,tail)
"What creature art wisps oft mistaken for?" (fire,fly)
"How doth giant squids crush their prey?" (beak)
"Where hath images of the silver serpent been seen?" (tomb,wall,anci,monu)
"What art reapers remnants of?" (anci,ench,fore)
"Nay, 'tis not the correct answer. Consult thy Compendium."
"Thou art correct."
"Find thy Compendium, then come speak with me again."
"Ah, 'tis thee indeed, $4. Take this key. It will unlock the gatehouse by the southern entrance to the castle. Then you can use the lever inside to raise the portcullis. The same key will also let you into the sewers under the castle. Now let me tell thee what hath transpired since thy last visit. The vast underworld from which thou didst rescue me hath collapsed. Yet still there are forces of evil abroad in the land. Britannia is under attack by gargoyles such as those thou just fought. Thus far they have mainly been attacking the @shrines of the eight @virtues. When the Shrine of Compassion didst fall, Sir @Geoffrey sent a party to free it. Do thou ask him of this mission. Of course, thou mayst feel free to borrow anything in my castle, if thou shouldst need it. Lastly, any time thou dost need @healing, do thou but ask me. If thou doth wish me to @repeat all this later, thou need but ask."
"I see thou hath misplaced thy key to the castle. Here is another."
"Good $5, $4. What wouldst thou speak of?"

"I am Lord British, as thou knowest well."

"Thanks to thee, I sit once more upon the throne of Britannia. Though 'tis a heavy burden in such @troubled times as these."

"The @gargoyles art indeed the greatest threat our realm has ever known. We are fortunate indeed that fate hath brought thee here in our hour of need."

"Perhaps thou canst drive these vile creatures back into the bowels of the earth from whence they came. All our efforts thus far have availed us naught."

"By now the gargoyles may have captured them all. Thou must hurry if thou wouldst foil their evil schemes..."

"Stay strong in thy commitment to the eight virtues. It is our belief in them that sets us apart from the cruel invaders who would destroy all that we hold dear."

"He is the Captain of the Guard."

You show Lord British the black stone. "Hmmmm... I have such a stone. I did not know that there were more such orbs. 'Twill serve thee well in thy travels if thou dost learn to master its powers. To open a gate, use the stone, and carefully position it a few feet from thee. Thou wilt discover that the placement is the key. In the proper positions, the stone canst conjure gates to take thee to numerous destinations."

"Ask the leaders of each town to tell thee of that."

"Do thou ask @Tholden."

"Tholden is my chancellor."

"My loyal scribes doth have a fish named 'Avatar'."

"Please take good care of my little friend."
"Ah, thou hast heard of my little friend? Her name is Sherry, and I'm quite proud of her. I'm certain she is the only talking mouse in all of Britannia. Thou art welcome to see her, if thou dost wish. Thou canst find her wandering throughout the castle. She comes by my room every night, so I can tell her @stories."

"I collect rare books. There's one in particular I've been hunting for many years. It's called 'The Wizard of Oz.' Ever heard of it?"
"Well, if thou dost run across it in thy travels, I would greatly appreciate if thou couldst bring it here. I hath promised a great reward to whosoever shalt bring me a copy."
"Thou hath found a copy! Long hath I anticipated this moment... Not since my childhood have I read this wondrous story." Gingerly, he takes the tome. "Here is your reward." He gives you some glowing gems.
"Thou art carrying too much for me to reward thee properly... Bring the book back later, when thou art less burdened."

"My favorite story is '@Hubert the Lion.'"

"I've known it by heart, ever since I heard it as a child. Hubert the Lion was haughty and vain, and especially proud of his elegant mane. But conceit of this sort is not proper at all, and Hubert the Lion was due for a fall."

"Who told thee of that nickname!?"
"Well, I'd rather thou didst not call me that."

Lord British waves his hand, and your whole party is healed!

"'Tis I who should thank thee, Avatar, for all thou hast done for Britannia."

"May fortune favor thee."

"I cannot help thee with that."

6. Nystul
You see a concerned looking mage.
"Hail to thee $2, and well met. 'Twas I who learned of thy peril through my mystic arts, so that aid might be sent unto thee. Iolo, I saw that thou didst find a book. Might I examine it?"
"I no longer have the book, milord." replies Iolo. "That is too bad. I had hoped thou might take it to Mariah and have her translate it."
"Certainly, milord. Perhaps thou canst make better sense of it than I." says Iolo. "Strange... This has a picture on its cover of a gargoyle standing with one foot on the chest of a slain human. This is interesting. It's written in a language I know not. Take it to Mariah at the Lycaeum, the finest scribe on the great Council of Wizards.  She has studied many languages, and perhaps she can decipher this book for thee. One more thing, Avatar... I noticed that thou didst arrive through a red gateway. Dost thou have the stone that opened the gate?"
"From whence could it have come? The gargoyles, perhaps? Best ask Lord British about it. I believe he has some knowledge of such items."
"Such items are quite rare. Indeed, the only one I have ever seen is that which Lord British himself possesses.
Hast thou gone to the Lycaeum and shown Mariah the book? 'Tis most important. There is naught else I can help thee with at this time."

7. Geoffrey
You see a tall, handsome man.
"Thou hadst best speak to Lord British before aught else."
"I'm glad to see thee, $4. Perhaps thou canst prevail where others could not. I sent a party of ten to recapture the Shrine of Compassion from the gargoyles. Alas, they failed dismally. The survivors are recuperating in the town of Cove. Thou wouldst do well to speak with them first. Mayhap they learned something which might aid thee. I must confess I fear the worst. The gargoyles are such powerful foes, and they are spreading so fast... Perhaps the end of the realm is nigh. Good luck, and my prayers go with thee. Best not waste time talking... Who knows what acts of villainy the gargoyles are comitting even as we speak? I hope you've had a chance to visit Cove and speak with Gertan."

8. Tholden
You see a preoccupied man holding a ledger under one arm.
"Records to keep, festivals to plan, I'm so busy... But I can spare you a moment, $2."

"I am Tholden von Bazillius, Chancellor to Lord @British. In my younger days, I was known as 'The @Werecat of the Wine Cellar'..."

"I could tell you stories... But there's no time for that now."

"A fine ruler indeed. 'Tis a pleasure to keep his kingdom running smoothly for him."

"All the little details of governing, all the paperwork falls on my shoulders. Someone must do it, and yet I miss the days when I was a carefree adventurer."

"The rune and mantra of Compassion are in the keeping of the bards at the @Conservatory. I entrusted them with the rune due to their compassionate nature. As for the other runes - they are no longer together, as they were when the @Codex was recovered. Since then, they have become scattered throughout the land. Each was sent to a town near its shrine. If thou dost ask the lords of each of these towns, they should be able to tell thee more. The towns are Moonglow, Jhelom, Yew, Minoc, Trinsic, Skara Brae, and New Magincia."

"'Tis the greatest treasure in all the realm."

"'Twas founded by Lord British."

Tholden goes down on one knee and kisses your hand.
Tholden bows deeply. "I hope I have been of assistance, $2."

"I cannot help thee with that."

9. Sherry
You see a cute little mouse.
"Squeak, squeak, @squeak!" Talking to a mouse?" says Dupre. Methinks you're starting to imagine things..."

"Squeak @squirk?"



"I am Lord @British's friend, @Sherry."

"He reads me bedtime @stories every night."

"He knows the one about @Hubert the Lion by Heart!"

"That's my favorite story."

"Pleased to meet you!"

"Give me some @cheese and ask me again."

"I wish people would clean up under their beds and cabinets... Dust mice are no friends of mine!"

"Do you have any cheese?"
"Oh, that's too bad."
"I don't smell any cheese!"
"Can I have some?"
"Well, you're no fun."
"Thank you very much!"
"I can help you! Do you want me to come with you?"
"Boats make me seasick."
"With that many people I'd get trampled!"
"Travelling with you is fun! I hope we find some more cheese soon."

"I can slip through openings that are too small for you to fit through!"

"You're funny!"
"Oh, goodbye. Does this mean you want me to go home now?"
"I'm not leaving until we get out of this thing!"
"All right. Now I can hear my bedtime stories again! I'll leave my stuff with you in case you need it."
"Nitters @fiblik. Come visit me again soon!"

"Kerchew!" The mouse wiggles its whiskers at you.

10. Chuckles
You see a carefree fellow in a ludicrous costume.
"Ho eyo he hum, I've got a @clue! It's important, and just for you!"

"Why, I'm Chuckles the @jester, of course! You've @heard of me haven't you? Sure you have!"

"You've heard a word? Why that's @absurd!"

"To @jape, to jeer, to prance, to frolic! To keep this place unmelancholic! I practice @tomfoolery for Lord @British - or anyone else who passes too close."

"And @jeer!"

"And @prance! To dance a Corybantic dance!"

"Jeer and prance! Prance and @frolic!"

"I lurch 'round like an @alcoholic!"

"'Cause Dick and Harry both called in sick."

"Call him Mr. @Nose... But don't tell him I said so!"

"Shhh! Don't let him know I told you!"

"Yes, it's crucial to your @quest. Do you want to know what it is?"
"Perhaps I don't want to tell you!"
"Perhaps I'll tell you anyway! Do you think I will?"
"How foolish of you to think so!"
"Congratulations! You're exactly right! I won't tell you the clue... But I will give you this @hint that may lead you to it... Search the @chest in @Nystul's room."

"If hints were mints and mints were hints, think what a @world it would be!"

"A quest, a chest, oh what a @jest!"


"To teach, to preach, what waste of @speech!"

"I just said @that!"

"You just said '@that!'"

"Oh, he's no @fun."

"I'll show you fun before I'm @done!"

"Have you heard the one about the nun, the dragon, and the drunken penguin?"
"That's too bad... Neither have I!"
"Good! Maybe you can @teach it to me someday!"
"I did my best, did I amuse you? If not, I hope I did confuse you. Did you enjoy my jokes?" "Really? I'll just have to try harder, then! Why is Dupre like a horseshoe? It's because they both have the letter 'r'in them!"
"You did? Then I'll tell you another one! Riddle me this: Do you know what the goose said to the avatar?"
"No, no, no, that's not how it works! You're supposed to say you don't, so I can tell you! Let's try it again."
"It said 'ankh ankh!' What did you think of that one? Well, who asked you, anyway? Oh, that's right, I did! Hee hee, ho ho, to spread good cheer I go! Come talk to me again and I'll give you another show!"

"Ho ho, hee hee, thou art funnier than me! To ask a jester of $7!"

11. Kenneth
You see a lively bard with laughter in his eyes.
"Welcome, $2! I am Sir Kenneth, and I'd gladly play a @song for thee."

"@Kenneth's my name - don't wear it out."

"I asked you not to wear it out! It's the only name I've got."

"My @wife and I teach young bards the arts of composition, performance, and improvisation. We also give @concerts on occasion."

"Bards must be well versed in such matters."

"Her name is Nan. Whatever you do, don't say anything to her about @spiders..."

"She has quite an @imagination. Sometimes she lets it carry her away."

"Usually it doesn't give her any trouble."

"Yes, I know of the @Rune and @Mantra of Compassion."

"I've been trying to work the Mantra of Compassion into a song - but I don't know what '@mu' means."

"Dost thou know what it means?"
"Nobody I know does either."
"Tell me, what does it mean? Hmmmm... No, I don't think that's it."

"@Ariana has the rune, and they could hardly have found a sweeter child to give it to."

"Once in a great while a student comes along with such a gift for learning that one need but offer a little guidance and step back to watch them learn. To have such students is the most rewarding part of a teacher's job, and Ariana is one such."

Kenneth plays a delightful little melody for you.

"Until we meet again."

"I like the confused look on your face too much to ruin it by telling you."

12. Nana
You see a nervous young bard.
"I would play for thee, but I'm worried about my lute."

"I am Lady Nan."

"Why, making @music, of course."

"With my @lute."

"Every time I pick up my lute, @spiders crawl out of it. There must be hundreds of them nesting in there!"

"I hate spiders! They're creepy, ugly, disgusting things! Why won't they leave me alone?" Iolo says to her, "Now, now, my dear. Have you forgotten about the @gloves I gave you?" "Oh, yes. Perhaps if I wore those I could play..."

"Iolo gave them to me for my birthday."

"Yes, I know of the @Rune and @Mantra of Compassion."

"The Mantra of Compassion is 'mu.' Is that a spider on your shoulder? No, 'tis just a trick of the light."

"'Twas given to our most promising student, young @Ariana."

"She's very talented. She'll go far, if the spiders don't get her..."

"Fare thee well, and watch thy step! The spiders are lurking everywhere."

"I cannot help thee with that."

13. Ariana
You see a cute little girl with short hair.
"My parents told me never to talk to strangers. What's your name? Ok. Now I can talk to you!"
"Oh, hello again."
"Hi! Did you get permission from my parents to borrow the rune?"
"Oh, you're carrying too much right now. You'd better come back for it later."
"Then here you are." She hands you the rune. "I wish you the best of luck on your quest."
"Well, if you get their permission later, let me know."

She curtsies gracefully. "Ariana is my name."

"I'm learning to be a @bard. I like to @play the harpsichord best."

"I want to be a bard when I grow up. They have more @fun than anybody!"

"They taught me all about compassion. They say it's very important for bards."
"I can't remember it now... And @Kenneth just taught it to me last week... Wait, I know! It's 'mo!' Or maybe it was 'om'... Or 'mu,' or 'um'... It was something like that."

"I already gave it to you, silly. I hope you can figure out how to use it."
"I have the Rune of Compassion. Isn't it pretty?" She reaches into her pocket and takes it out to show you. "Do you need it for something?"
"Are you on an important quest?"
"I'd best hold onto it then. I was told to look after it carefully."
"I'm not supposed to let anyone else have it. But if you truly need it... I don't know what I should do. I know! My parents run the Blue Boar Tavern. Go ask them if you can borrow the rune. If they say 'tis okay, I'll give it to you."

"I've been studying to be a bard since I was this many." She holds up three fingers.*"I'd like to play something for you, but I'm not good enough yet." She looks away for a moment, then turns back to you, blushing slightly. "Will you come back to hear my music when I am older, if you can?"
The little girl sniffles, seeming suddenly on the verge of tears. "I'm sorry," she says, "I shouldn't have asked." She turns her back, as if ashamed to face you.
The little girl's face breaks out into a smile bright enough to light up the whole room. "Really? I would like that very much."

"Oh yes, lots of it!"

"He's my teacher."

"See you later."

"What do you mean?"

14. Matt
You see a gaunt fellow, with eyes that take in everything and reveal nothing. When you address him, the man replies with gestures that appear to be some kind of sign language. When he sees that you can't understand him, he shrugs his shoulders and returns to his duties. Dupre puts his hand on your shoulder and whispers, "Matt here had a most unfortunate accident as a child, and it left him deaf and dumb. I'd suggest you ask his wife instead, $4."

15. Anya
You see a buxom woman who looks hard working, yet contented. "Good $5, $2, and welcome to the Blue Boar Tavern. Art thou here for @business or @pleasure?"
"Anything else I can do for thee?"

"I am Anya."

"I run this tavern to support my @family. The hours are long, but my husband offers what help he can. We make enough to pay for my daughter's schooling, so 'tis all worthwhile."

"They pass by Britain occasionally. I believe they travel on the King's @Way."

"The King's Way is the oldest road in Britain."

"My husband @Matt, and my daughter @Ariana."

"He had an accident as a child which left him deaf and dumb, but I love him all the same. I only @wish he could hear our daughter play, just once. But 'twill ne'er come to pass. He lives in a world of eternal silence."

Her face brightens suddenly. "You have the look of one who practices the art of magic. Perhaps thou couldst find some spell that might restore my husband's hearing! I know 'tis a lot to ask, but wilt thou try?"
"Oh, thank you, $2!"
Her look of hope changes to one of sorrow as she looks down at the floor to hide her embarrassment. "I'm sorry to have bothered thee," she says. "I'm sure thou hast more important things to do."

"Ariana is the light of my life. Seems she had scarce learned to walk when she first showed a gift for music. She studies now with the @bards at the Conservatory."

"Bless their hearts for teaching her well. She'll be no tavern wench when she grows older. Perhaps she'll even be court musician to Lord British some day..."

"Thou shouldst ask my daughter of that. Methinks the bards have taught her of it."

"Ah, twas the proudest moment of my life when they awarded my dear little Ariana the Rune of Compassion. They said she was the most promising student they'd ever had at the Conservatory. I'm sure she would show thee the rune, if thou wouldst care to see it."
"Thou dost wish to borrow the Rune of Compassion from my daughter?" She pauses a while in thought. "Very well--thou dost have an honest face. I grant thee my permission."
"I already gave thee my permission to borrow the rune! Do thou be careful not to lose the stone or let any harm befall it. Ariana would never forgive herself."

"'Tis good to talk with thee again. Things have been slow around here since the @gypsies left. Good! Perhaps thou might stay and talk with me a while, before I'm back about my work."

mead, ale, wine
"Which of you?"
"That'll be #1 crowns, $6. Wouldst thou like some?"
"I'm sorry, but you don't have enough gold."
"You don't have room to carry it."
"Fine!" After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over the purchase.
"Enjoy your $1."

"My price is 4 gold for each ration. How many do you want, $6?"
"You haven't any room in your pack."
I'm sorry, but you don't have enough gold."
$3 hands the rations to $6.
She hands $6 #9 mutton rations."That's all you can afford."

"Come back any time. Well, 'tis time I was back about my work. Dishes to wash, food to cook, drinks to serve... I thank thee for stopping by to brighten my day with thy conversation. Do thou come again."

"Wouldst thou like @ale, @mead, @wine, or @rations?"

"I cannot help thee with that."

16. Gwenneth
You see a petite woman with flowing brown hair.
"Iolo! And thy companions as well! "I heard rumors that you were in town!" Iolo greets his former apprentice warmly. "How goes business, Gwenneth?" "Very well, very well indeed. Sir Geoffrey himself just placed quite a large order! Much demand for bows these days, what with the @gargoyles!" Turning to you, Gwenneth says, "And what can I do for Iolo's friend this fine $5?"
"I recongize thee! Thou art Iolo's friend, $4! What can I do for thee this fine $5?"
"Hello again. What can I do for thee this fine $5?"
"What'll it be next?"

"Which of you?"
"Which item?"
"That $1 costs #1 gold. Interested, $6?"
"But 'twould make thee o'erburdened, $6!"
"Excellent!" After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over the $1.
"But thou hast not enough gold, $6!"
"Thou hast not enough gold, $6." She winks at Iolo. "But I think I can trust thee with credit, just this once!"
"I'm sorry, $6, but I cannot offer more credit, even to thee. The @gargoyle wars make my wares much in demand!"

"Sorry, none of you has anything I need."
"Aye, $6 has something of interest..."
"Which of you?"
"Which item?"
"Will you take #7 gold for that $0, $6?"
"Perhaps some other time, then."
"Perhaps something else then?"
"Done!" $3 hands $6 #7 gold pieces and takes the $0.
"Changed your mind, eh?"

"What a strange question. I'm Gwenneth, of course."
"Just ask Iolo! But dost thou not know Iolo? Well, I am his former aprrentice, Gwenneth."

"Once was I Iolo's apprentice, but then he decided to retire. Now 'tis my shop, and I craft the bows sold here! 'Course, 'tis still called @Iolo's Bows, out of respect for the master." At this, Iolo blushes humbly.

"I hear from the soldiers that the gargoyles are fierce opponents. Some gargoyles move like the wind itself, and can strike you like lightning bolts! The gargoyles also have a strange and terrible @weapon."

"'Tis called a boomerang, and it is a most bizarre ranged weapon. It flies out to strike its target, then returns to the hand that threw it! Against such magic the soldiers chose to arm themselves with good, stout Britannian bows!"

She smiles. "I would not wish to speak of Iolo amongst his friends. I might embarass him!"
"Nay, I really would not wish to speak of my master behind his back."

"Aye, usually do I carry those in stock. But there has been a shortage of late, because of the @gargoyle war. Go see Lynn the Fletcher, over to the north."

"Lynn is a fine fletcher, and usually keeps me supplied with @arrows and @bolts. I've none left in stock, though, since the soldiers bought them all."

"Farewell, all of you. Farewell to thee! Iolo, I'll see thee again soon with thy share of this month's profits!"

"Beg pardon?"

17. Peyton
You see a well-dressed man with a very even temper. "Good $5, (friend/travelers), and welcome back to the Wayfarer's @Inn!"

"I am Peyton, and this is my place." He gestures with his hands.

"Did you need something?"

"I can offer you a @room for the evening."

"#0 gold for bed and breakfast. Interested?"
"Well, perhaps next time you're in town."
You sleep in a comfortable bed...You wake rested and eat a large breakfast. "Good morning, and have a good day."
You don't have enough gold for that.
"I'm sorry, cash in advance. That's our policy."
Your party takes up a collection to pay for the rooms.

"Goodbye. Take care of yourself."

"I'm sure you'll have to ask another."

18. Max
You see a swarthy blacksmith. "Hey, it'sa the Avatar. Hello again. Hey, and a good $5 to you."
"What'sa you wanta nexta?"

"I'ma nameda Max."

"Whassamattayu, you blind or somethin'? I makea de swords and stuff, what's it alook like I'ma doin' here? You gotta somethin' to @sell oda somethin' you wanna @buy?"

"Do you wanta @weapons or @armor?"
"Awhich a you?"
"Awhicha one adese?"
Spear/Sword/2-Hnd Sword/Chain Mail/Heater Shield/Iron Helm/Leather Armour/Plate Mail
"That $1, she'sa costa #1 agold. Interested, $6?"
"But she'sa be making thee too heavy, $6!"
"Hey, at'sa good!" After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over the $1.
"But she'sa costing too much for you, $6!"

"Hey, atsa real shame, but anone of you hasa anything I'ma needing."
"Aye, $6 has asomething ofa interesta..."
"Awhich of you?"
"Awhicha one adese?"
"Will you take #7 gold for that $0, $6?"
"Perhapsa some other atime athen."
"Perhaps asomethinga else athen?"
"She'sa done!" $3 hands $6 #7 gold pieces and takes the $0.
"Achanged your aminda, eh?"

"Goodbyea to you. Come abacka soon, ah?"

"Hey, my hearing, she's notsa so good. What you say?"

19. Lazeena
You see a sad lady with hair down to her ankles. A soft jingling accompanies her silent walk. Rather than talking, she sings in a voice like wind through reeds. "Hail, there, $2; come listen to me. I've plenty of time to sing unto thee."

"Lazeena they call me, Lazeena the @Dove. From Cove I did come, 'tis a town full of love."

"'Tis the aim of my life to sing like a bird. Wouldst thou like to hear the news I've heard?"
"Then tell me what would please thee more: a @song of the sea or a @rhyme of the shore?"
"To be of more help, I wish I knew just what this little bird could do."

She sings."South of Loch Lake and north of the bay, the beautiful Shrine of Compassion doth lay. My @Artagel set out to chant there one day. But still he has not returned. Was he taken by giants or headless so foul, that nary a man could contend with the smell. He should have come home weeks ago now. But still he has not returned."

"He is a healer, you see."

She sings."The Dutchman was a giant ship with masts from the largest trees. The pride of the people she was hailed, the ruler of all the sea. She sailed out of port one fine spring day, and headed for distant shores. But a britney caught her by surprise, 'twas flung against her core. The match began the grim men fought, to gather in her sails. But thunderous was the crack and lo, the mighty vessel reeled. When gentle winds danced 'cross the surf, again the followed morn. 'twas nothing left of Dutchy's hull but remnants of her born. And now the tale has nothing left, but a gravesight on the floor. On the Fens o' the Dead she came to rest, ne'er to sail no more."

"Farewell, my friend."

"I cannot help thee with that."

20. Fyodor
You see a man in a multicolored jacket. His fingers are long and graceful.
"Hello again, $2. Good $5, $2. What can I do for you?"

"My name is Fyodor. What is thy name? Pleased to meet thee, $7."

"I make cloth upon my @loom. Perhaps you'd like to @buy some."

"Which of you?"
"@Cloth or @thread, $6?"
"It'll cost you #1 gold for the $0. Interested?"
"You look pretty full to me."
"Excellent!" After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over the $0.
"You haven't the money."
"That is fine $0."
"You'll find none better."

"I push the pedals with my feet--like this. Then I pull these levers. The pattern depends on which combinations of levers and pedals I move. My father's loom was not so complicated as mine. This design came from one of Lord British's old @books."

"Lord British treasures antiques. There is one book for which he hath offered a reward: 'The Wizard of @Oz.'"

"By Master L. Frank Baum, I believe. It concerns a girl adventurer, a strange land, and a clever @balloonist."

"Are they not made of @silk, in the form of a great bag?"

"'Tis a wondrous strong stuff, silk, and very light. I regret that I am not skillful enough to weave silk. In New Magincia, however, lives the silk-weaver @Charlotte."

"She is the only person I know of who can weave silk."

"May our paths cross again some day."

"That I cannot help thee with."

21. Daver
You see a man wearing a long grey cloak. He wears gloves with the fingers cut off, and carries a large hourglass with him. "Good $5, friend Avatar."

"I'm Daver McCord."

"Every hour of the day, I ring the @bell a number of times."

"According to the @numbers on the hourglass, you see."

"Well, I usually know what @time it is up here in my head somehow. But just in case, I start this hourglass at sunup, turning it over every nine hours."

"It is especially important for those with shops. They know when to open for @business, eat lunch, close, and that sort of thing. Another of Lord British's innovations, this bell thing."

"You look much taller in person. Woodroffe's painting does not do you @justice."

"Heh, heh. I know little of that. I'm just the bell-ringer."

"Hmmm. I guess that you don't keep a regular schedule, being the @Avatar and all. Probably out till all hours, collecting @runes and such."

"Magical little things. There's a symbol on one side, and a letter on the other. Probably spell something out if you put 'em all on a necklace. But that hasn't been done for a long time. After the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom was brought back from the underworld, Lord @British gave the runes to the lords of the eight cities."

"Let's see now." He counts them off on his fingers."Minoc, Trinsic, Jhelom, Yew, Skara Brae, Britain, Moonglow... ...Ah yes, and New Magincia. I hear each of the lords knows a @mantra."

"Haven't the foggiest what those are for. Something to do with the @shrines, I think."

"Always wanted to visit them. Never had the @time. Heh, heh, heh!"

"Lord British appointed lords to rule the eight @cities."

"Until we meet again."

"Sorry, I cannot help you with that."

22. Efram
You see a grunting and grumbling man with a large stomach.
"Hrmmph. Hello." His breathing is quite heavy.
"Hrmmph, well. Haven't we...never mind. Hrmmph. What do you need?"

"Efram the provisioner."

"It's a nice enough name, hrmmph."

"I sell @torches, @oil, @gems, and @shovels."

"Which, @torches, @oil, @gems, or @shovels?"
"Which of you?"
$3 looks at $6. "It'll cost you #0 gold for each $0. How many do you want?"
"Come now, that's a little much don't you think?"
$3 frowns at $6.
"Hrmmph. That was a fair price. Well..."
$3 looks at $6. "You haven't any room in your pack."
$3 looks at $6. "A $0 costs more gold than you have."
He hands $6 #2 $0.
"There ya go. That's all you can carry. That's all you can afford."

"I'm glad you stopped by." He gives you a firm handshake.

"I'm sorry? Hrmmph, well, perhaps you could ask someone else."

23. Rufus
You see a rough and tumble man with wild, unkempt hair.
"Good $5, friend(s).
"'Tis good to see thee, friend!" he says, grabbing your arm. "What d'ya need?"

"Rufus the @Red."

"If you want to @buy horseshoes, just ask."

"Can ya not tell by my hair?"

"Which of you?"
"It'll cost you 2 gold for the horseshoes. Interested?"
"Oh, I forgot. I'm all out of horseshoes just now. Sorry."
"You'll find none stronger."

"Remember to shoe yer steed often. Bye."

"Aye, it saves their feet from stones and such."

"I just @shoe horses, sorry."

24. Nema
You see a sleepy looking young lady. She yawns as you approach. "Oh, hello there. I must have been @daydreaming."

"My name is Nema. What's yours? That's nice."

"I tend Lord @British's @orchard. Of course, this time of year there's not much to do, so I take a lot of @naps."

"To provide fresh fruit for Lord British's banquets."

"That's the way of it."

"Long live the king! I was just a homeless @orphan when he gave me this job."

"My parents were killed in an @earthquake. But now I have a place to live, and a job to put food on the table."

"The earthquakes seem to have stopped, thank goodness. We haven't had one in well over a year now."

"Well, I have better dreams at @night anyway."

"To snooze, perchance to dream... O @Morpheus, I long for a taste of thy sweet @oblivion!"

"Morpheus is the King of @Slumberland! I think the @moon is one of his daughters."

"It lies halfway between our fears and our @desires."

"Fear and desire... What would either be without the other?"

"She is the sweet harbinger of the night!"

"Sleep is the finest medicine, for in our @dreams lie the @answers to all the problems of the @waking world."

"Colors never seem as vivid when I'm awake."

"Day brings @questions, @night brings answers. Thusly does the duality of the universe find expression in our lives."

"What color is seven? How many is green? Could horses speak, if they wished to? These things concern me..." Dupre says "Concerned? She should be committed! We have better things to do than listen to this loon."

"When the sun's blazing eye winks shut, and @Morpheus rules the heavens."

"I dream of castles of ice, rivers that run backwards, fairy princesses and cloud dragons. Once I dreamed that my orchard grew and grew, until I felt like a tiny bug amongst the giant plants. Sometimes everything is upside-down, or made of chocolate. I've dreamed many a strange dream, but my favorite one is....."

She seems to have dozed off before she even heard you say goodbye.

"I had a dream about that once... All this talking makes me sleepy..."

25. Cullen
You see a short, dark man, covered in white flour. "Hello again there, my friend(s)!" As he shakes your hand enthusiastically, clouds of flour fly off his clothes.

"I'm Cullen, Cullen the @Baker."

"I'd have thought that'd be obvious! I'm a @baker!" As he laughs heartily, more clouds of flour rise off his clothing. "You can @buy bakery goods from me or perhaps you have some flour to @sell, eh?"

"I bake goods for Lord British himself!" the man says proudly. "If you'd like to @buy some, just say the word!"

"Which of you?"
"Suit yourself."
"Which item?"
"Suit thyself, $6, but thou'lt find no better!"
"Those cost #1 gold each. How many do you want, $6?"
"Suit thyself, but thou'lt find no better!"
"Whoa! Don't buy out my entire stock!"
"But thou canst not carry any $1!"
"Thou hast not enough gold for that many! I will sell thee just #5 $1."
"But thou canst not afford any $1!"
"Here's thy $1, plus one for luck!, $6. How about something else, $6?"
"Perhaps some other time, then."
"Perhaps (thy friend/one of thy friends), then?"

"Sorry, none of you has any flour."
"Which of you?"
$3 turns to $6, and says "Will you take 5 gold for that sack of flour?"
"Done!" He hands $6 5 gold pieces and takes the sack of flour.
"Sorry, you haven't any flour.
"Changed your mind, eh?" he folds his arms.
"Well, what else will it be then?"

"Come again soon!"

"Hmmm... $7... $7... Nope, I don't know anything about that!"

26. Tiberius
You see a rotund man in monk's robes.
"Greetings, my children. What can I do for thee today?"

"Fret not, for thou art well."
"Fret not, for all of you are well!"
"Which of you?"
"I see thy injury, $6. Wilt thou make an offering of 30 gold?"
Laying hands upon $6, Tiberius mends the wounds.
"If thou wilt not pay, I cannot heal thee."
I'm sorry. Without an offering I cannot heal thee."
"Thou art poor, but thy cause is just. I will heal thee without payment." Laying hands upon $6, Tiberius mends the wounds.
"Is there aught else I can do for thee?"

"Fret not, for all of you are well."
"Which of you?"
"I sense that thou art poisoned, $6. Wilt thou make an offering of 10 gold?" yny
Laying hands upon $6, Tiberius removes the poison.
"If thou wilt not pay, I cannot heal thee."
"I'm sorry. Without an offering I cannot heal thee."
"Thou art poor, but thy cause is just. I will cure thee without payment."Laying hands upon $6, Tiberius removes the poison.

"But thou weepest for no reason! None of thy party is dead!"
"I see that $6 carries a parted friend. Wilt thou make an offering of 200 gold?" yny
"Then there is naught I can do save grieve with thee."
"That ain't enough money. Thou art #1 gold pieces short. Go see a gravedigger. I'll reckon his price'll be lower."
Your party takes up a collection for their fallen comrade.
Tiberius lays hands upon the corpse..." Doman... thixus... anretu! And the dead live again!
"I see that $6 carries another slain friend."

"I am Tiberius, healer for this town."

"It is my responsibility to care for the sick and injured. I attempt to @heal, @cure, or if needed, @resurrect the fallen."

"What can I do for thee?"

"Go in peace, my childwren."

"I beg thy pardon?"

27. Wilbur
You see a thin, dark-haired man with a nervous smile.
"Hello again, my friend!  What can I do for you!"
"Greetings, travelers! What can I do for thee this $5?"

"My name's Wilbur, $2."

"I work here at the stables, taking care of the @horses."

"A talking horse? Ridiculous! Who told you that?" He seems more nervous than before.

"Business has been slow lately, I'm afraid. The @gargoyles eat horses, you see."

"Gargoyles?! Where? Where?" He looks around frantically.

"Come back again!"

"Beg pardon, $2?"

28. Arty
You see a silent but good-natured man. He grins widely and waves at you.

He points to his mouth and shakes his head. $6 speaks. "I know of this person, $2. He is Arty the Mute, a local shipwright and an honored citizen." The man smiles and nods.

He smiles and points to the workbench. On the bench, you see the tools of a shipwright.

Arty smiles and nods.

The man shakes his head.

The man shakes his head and spreads his hands as if to say "sorry."
The man smiles and points to the deed to a @ship and to the deed to a @skiff.

The man shakes his head and spreads his hands as if to say "sorry."
Who is buying?
$3 shows $6 a deed. Written on it is the price, #4 gold. Does $6 want to buy the deed?
$6 cannot carry that.
After accepting the gold, $3 smiles and hands $6 the deed.
$3 seems pleased.
$3 shrugs.
You don't have enough gold for that.
Your party doesn't have enough gold for that.
Your party takes up a collection to purchase the vessel.

Arty waves as you leave, then returns to what he was doing.

The man seems frustrated, as if there were something he wanted to say.
The man just shrugs.

29. Lynn
You see a tall, willowy woman with long blond hair.
"Well, hello again, Avatar! How can I help thee this fine $5?"

"I'm Lynn. Thou needn't tell me thy name, $4. The Avatar is famous throughout the land!"

"I am a fletcher. I make @arrows and @bolts for the armies of Lord British himself!"

"Which of you?"
"Which item?"
Arrows/Crossbow Bolts
"Beg pardon, $2?"
"I sell $1s only by the dozen. How many dozens?"
"But thou canst not carry any $1s!"
"Thou hast not enough gold for that many! I will sell thee just #5 dozen $1s."
"But thou canst not afford any $1s!"
Lynn takes $6's money and hands over the $1s." I appreciate thy business. Is there aught else thou wouldst buy?"
"Perhaps some other time. Enjoy thy $1s."

"I have all I need, and have no reason to purchase anything more. But I appreciate thy offer."

"Farewell! I hope I've aided thy quest!

"Beg pardon?"

30. Terri
You see a sharply dressed, very voluptuous woman.
"Hello. My name's Terri - I run the mint. Say, aren't you the Avatar? Yes, I recognize you from your portrait... My mother used to tell me stories about you when I was a girl. You probably wouldn't remember her, but she was at the big celebration right after you recovered the Codex. Anyway... I just wanted to tell you that I always (wanted to grow up to be just like you.../hoped someday I'd meet a man like you...)."
"Oh, you've come back to visit me again!"

"It's Terri... But I wish I had been named after you."
"It's Terri... Don't you think that would be a good name for an Avatar's wife?"

"By royal decree, I am the only one allowed to @mint the official coinage of the realm. Copper @pence, silver pieces, and @gold crowns - they're all made right here. My @father ran the mint before me. But I get lonely here sometimes... It's so nice of you to come by and talk to me. @Kytyn will never believe it when I tell her I got to meet the @Avatar in person!"

"You must be the bravest (woman/man) I've ever met. I can't believe it's really you!"

"May he rest in peace."

"May she rest in peace."

"Of course, I'm sure you only carry @gold crowns with you, being as important as you are." She reaches over and squeezes your shoulder affectionately.

"Here, let me show you." She takes out a sample of each coin for you to look at. The pence has an ankh on one side, and crossed swords on the other. The silver piece has Lord British's face on the front, and a serpent on the back. And the gold crown is a familiar sight, with a crown and the symbol of the Codex. All three of them look newly minted - they're very shiny.

"I get most of my gold from people who bring in nuggets to @exchange them for coins."
"Do you have any gold nuggets you'd like to trade in for crowns?"
"Well, if you do later, you know where to find me."
"You must be mistaken. But let me know if you come across any gold nuggets later."
"Normally there's a ten percent tax on the exchange. But since you're the Avatar, I'll give you a full ten crowns for every nugget of gold you have." She exchanges all of your gold nuggets for newly minted crowns.
She winks at you.

"Britannia has been so prosperous lately that there's been a lot of demand for gold coinage. Of course we have you to thank for bringing us the Codex and saving Lord British."

"My @mother told me all about it."

"She's a good friend of mine. She runs the @museum."

"You should visit there sometime. But please stay and talk to me a bit longer first..."

"I know you're very busy, saving Britannia and all that, but I hope you'll come and visit me again..."
"It really was delightful talking to you. And maybe if you have time for it, I could show you more than a few silly coins!" As you turn to leave, she pinches you.
You notice she was staring at you with a dreamy look in her eyes. "Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. I was just (thinking how nice it must be to be as beautiful as you/noticing how strong and handsome you are...)." She looks away and sighs.

31. Kytyn
You see a slender woman wearing a leather glove on her left hand. "Hello and welcome, $2!"

"My name is Kytyn." She smiles. "Perhaps that explains why I like @birds."

"I used to be a @falconer."

"That was before Lord @British appointed me to my current position."

"A true gentleman if ever I saw one."

"I'm the curator of the royal @museum of @oddities."

"It's just one of the @projects Lord British has funded to provide a better life for his people."

"He also established the @conservatory that shares the building with the museum. The @roads that span the realm are his doing as well."

"Sometimes I can hear their @music drifting through the walls... Usually that noisy, crackling field drowns it out, though."

"It's very pretty."

"@Travel is much easier these days."

"That's for sure."

"I can tell you more about any of the @exhibits you're interested in."

"We have the @monolith, the @energy field, the perpetual motion @machine, the @bones of Zog, the mystery @fountain, and the @dragon's head, wings, and egg. Which one were you curious about?"

"This skeleton seems to be about ten times older than any other ever found in Britannia. Surely it has much to tell us about our origins, if we only knew what it meant!"

"Someone named '@Gertan' donated all those parts. I think he said something about a dragon named 'Freitag'."

"If you want to ask Gertan, I think he's in Cove."

"Somebody found a huge boulder with a jet of water spraying out of it. We had it magically teleported here, buried with its surface flush with the ground, and then we built this building on top of it. Of course we left a hole in the floor for the water to spray through. I often drink from it when I'm thirsty. The water is quite good, but there's something strange about it. It vanishes somehow before it hits the ground..."

"That's a very curious device. The motion of each gear turns another, until eventually the movement is propagated back to the same gear again. There's one thing I can't figure out. We've made plans of the device, and I can't see how they started it moving in the first place. None of the gears would turn unless all the others were already going. What's worse, the motions serve to hold the machine together. If the gears were still, the whole thing would fall apart! How it was built is quite a mystery."

"The field is generated by a curious spell. By some process not yet understood, it converts magical energy into electrical energy, producing a continuous discharge. If we understood this process better, it would probably lead to all sorts of useful applications."

"I can't tell you much about that. Lord British donated it to the museum, but I can't get him to talk about it. From what little he's said, I think it's an artifact from his home world."

"There is a great deal of knowledge available there for the serious scholar."

She favors you with a deep, throaty purr that sounds just like a cat.

"Be sure to have a look at our paintings while you're here. And come again soon... We're expecting some unicorn horns, and a Klein bottle from Trinsic."

"I can't help you with that. Try the @library at the Lycaeum."

32. Maldric
You see a bare chested, muscular man, his body gleaming with sweat.
"Excuse me a moment." He pulls a napkin from his belt and mops at his brow. "Now, what were you saying? Wait a minute," he interrupts, "I recognize you... You're the Avatar! I've always wanted to meet you.
"From the day I first saw your portrait, I knew you must be the most beautiful woman in all Britannia."
"You're the greatest hero in all the land."
"Oh, $2 Avatar, 'tis an unexpected pleasure to see you again! Hey, my old buddy $4! Good to see you again."

"Maldric, I am. Once Maldric the @boar hunter, now Maldric the cook."

"I @cook for all those who live in the @castle, and for any @guests who dine with Lord British as well. 'Tis sastisfying work, yet at times I wish I could @travel with one such as you..."

"Aye, I used to live in the @forest and hunt wild boars. But one day I presented a @roast boar as a gift to his @majesty, and he liked it so much he hired me as his @cook."

"Yes, Lord @British himself."

"Those were good times. But I'm happy here."

"The secret is in the spices. It's an old family @recipe."

"I'll never tell."
"Though for one so sweet, I must say I'm tempted."

"Lord British has many friends."

"A fancier home than any of my family ever lived in. Yet I still miss my simple hut in the forest."
"I wish it were still there, so I could invite you to come spend an evening by the @fireplace with me...

"There's fire enough in my kitchen, but 'tis no place for romance."

"I shouldn't even speak of such things. After all, you are the Avatar, and I but a lowly cook. Please forgive me."

"He's a good man. Likes plenty of @pepper in his stew."

"Spice puts some variety in life, is what I always say."

"You're a pretty spicy little number yourself!"
"Yes indeed."


"I've heard about all of your adventures. I wish I were a warrior too, and not just a cook!"

"I like having a job where I can make people happy."

"See you later. And next time you dine with his majesty, I'll cook you something special." He seems about to say more, with a hopeful look in his eyes. But then he turns away without speaking.

"Funny you should mention that... It reminds me of my secret recipe for @roast boar."

33. Mariah
You see a freckled young lady with an enchanting smile.
"Good $5, $2, can I help thee?"
"I'm sorry to put you to the trouble, but I'm only supposed to help those who know the ways of magic. So I have to ask you a question to test you..."
"What does the magic syllable 'Zu' mean?"   (slee)
"What does the magic syllable 'Quas' mean?" (illu)
"What does the magic syllable 'Hur' mean?"  (wind)
"What does the magic syllable 'Jux' mean?"  (dang,trap,harm)
"What does the magic syllable 'Ort' mean?"  (magi)
"No, that's not it. Haven't you a Compendium of knowledge to draw on?"
"That's right! Now then, what can I help you with?"
"I'd suggest you find a Compendium to study, then come talk to me again."

"They call me Mariah."

"I'm the newest member of the @Council of Wizards. Somebody has to keep things running smoothly. In my spare time I use the @library to pursue my own studies."

"They get so caught up in their work sometimes that they forget even to eat and @sleep!"

"Such things matter little to them. They often dwell apart from the realm of the @senses."

"Aye, indeed."

"'Tis the finest library in all Britannia. I study many different things, but I find learning old languages the most interesting. One can learn so much about how our own language developed!"

"I got my piece of the tablet from some gypsies whom I met at a pub. Mayhap they can tell thee where to look for the other piece. Bring both pieces of the tablet here and I will tell thee what I can."
"I must have both halves of the tablet before I can tell you any more."
"This piece I have had for quite some time, and I've learned all I can from it."
"Ah, thou hast found the rest of the tablet! Go get the other half from my study and bring it here. With the two of them together I should be able to tell you more."

"Nystul sent word to me that thou hast a book written in a strange tongue. I'd not mind looking at it for thee... But I'd find the task much easier if thou wouldst bring it here!"
"I'd be glad to look at it for thee." She examines the book. "Oh! I've seen this script before! I have part of an ancient silver tablet in my study with writing both in our language and this. I have learned only a little from studying it, but I can make out a few words."
"The title is 'The Book of Prophecies,' and it says something about 'the end of our world.' If only I had the other half of the @tablet, perhaps I'd be able to decipher the rest of the book."
"With both pieces of the tablet, I should be able to work out a translation." She studies the tablet for a while, and then starts reading, haltingly, from the book. An ancient prophecy tells of the final days, when the end of our world shall come.*Three signs will precede the end. Thrice shall a being of great evil come unto our land, and by this it shall be known that the end is nigh. This evil one is of another race, who consider the evil one a great prophet. Yet this false prophet follows not the principles of Control, Passion and Diligence. One day the false prophet will come and desecrate our most holy shrine. And the false prophet will steal our most holy artifact, the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. This shall be the first sign of the end. Then, it is written, the false prophet shall descend deep into the bowels of the earth. And the false prophet will cause the underworld to collapse. This will cause great earthquakes to tear our world asunder, and there will be a time of plague and famine. This shall be the second sign of the end. One last time shall the false prophet come. This time, the false prophet will come with a band of warriors. And they will destroy all that remains of the gargoyle race. There is only one way that this prophecy may be averted: That is by the sacrifice of the false prophet. Mariah pauses for a while, deep in thought. "When they refer to 'the false prophet,' they must mean you." she says. "It would seem that they have reason to think you evil, from their perspective. This is a difficult matter to resolve. I think you'd better seek out more information. There's a gargoyle named Sin'Vraal living out in the desert. He speaks our language. Perhaps he could tell you more about this book, and of how the gargoyles view us."

"Fare thee well."

"I cannot help thee with that."

34. Thariand
You see a busy looking man wearing a blue robe. "So many books to keep organized, it's a wonder I have any time for my own studies... Can I help you with something?"

"I am Thariand, of the blue @star."

"I'm the librarian. I prefer to spend my time studying @magic, but I'll help you find some @books if you keep it quick."

"All the students of @Nicodemus bear this sign."

"He lives southeast of @Yew."

"Somebody there should be able to give you directions."

"Were I to master all the arcane lore contained within these volumes, I'd be the greatest sorcerer of all time! Of course, finding all the right books is no small task..."

Were you interested in: A. Fiction B. Non-fiction C. Reference
A. In that category I can recommend: 821.34 Rzl4n, The Caverns of Freitag; Klr 1734 N92 v3, Around the World in a Washtub; 417.8 Baum c6, The Wizard of Oz
B. In that category I can recommend: Ce 437.2 N19, Mating Rituals of the Northern Plains Centaur; 027 z811f, Of Dreams and Visions; 718.5 B34 z5, The Lost Art of Ballooning; Y19 T343 LP, Summoning Incubi for Fun and Profit
C. In that category I can recommend: 665.556 Dlz, Dilzal's Almanac of Good Advice; a001.3 bfb, Priliwig's Universal Compendium of Knowledge; 998.99 ZWX, The Lost Book of Mantras
"Is there anything else you wanted to find?"
"Fine. You should have no trouble finding what you want once you have the call number. You do understand how our books are organized, don't you?"
"Good. I have more important things to do than explain it to you."
"Well then, I'd suggest you look it up in The Beginner's Guide to the @Dewey Decimal System. Its call number is T17 0035 r16RL.5 v43."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I just remembered. That book was checked out last week. Try coming back for it later."

"We have a book that tells the history of the shrines. If only I could remember the title..."

"Remember, any books you take out of here are due back before the next bipolar lunar conjunction!"

"You could probably find more information on that topic in Priliwig's Universial Compendium of Knowledge."

35. Ephemerides
You see a solemn man, constantly dusting and polishing the items in his shop. "Ahem. Yes, what can I help you with, pa (madam/sir)?"

"I am Ephemerides."

"I am an astronomer. More precisely, I calculate movements of the stars, phases of the @moons... My field of specialization is @tidal predictions. I also make various @glasswares and @instruments."

"Yes, @sextants mostly."

"Lenses and the like."

"Which of you?"
$3 looks at $6. "You haven't any room in your pack."
$3 looks at $6. "$0s cost more gold than you have."
$3 looks at $6. "It'll cost you #0 gold for a $0. Do you want one?"
$3 frowns at $6, "That was a good price."
He hands $6 a $0.

"Lord British has requested the publication of an almanac for use by the general populace. It will contain high tides, low tides, ebb tides, flood tides, @spring tides, and @neap tides."

"Britannia's tides are a function of the two @moons, Felucca and Trammel, interacting with our world, Sosaria."

"I plan to publish a paper about how the world is flat, to dispel all this foolish talk to the contrary. Afterwards, I will construct a model of how it all works: an @orrery."

Pleased with your interest, Ephemerides shows you papers with plans for a clockwork model of the Sosarian system. "This, ahem, flat piece is Britannia. Each moon would exert a pull on the oceans thus, resulting in the tides. You turn that little handle there to get it to go!" The normally staid Ephemerides is practically giggling with glee.


"Low and high tide marks are close together. The planets are in @quadrature."

"Angular separation of two celestial bodies (as measured from a third) being ninety degrees, of course. A very safe @tide."

"The opposite of a neap tide; the sun, earth and moons are all aligned. Thus, lines of low and high tide are far apart. Once I construct my @orrery, I'd be able to demonstrate the principles involved."

"I hope the lens I made you will prove suitable."
"What sort of lens do you want?"
"When you bring me a glass @sword, I should be able to duplicate your lens for you."
"Ooooh, let me see it... That's a very interesting lens. You need a concave copy of it? Let me think... It would be very tricky to duplicate, being magical in nature, but I believe I might be able to do it. The material and the nature of the enchantment appear similar to those involved in the making of glass swords. If I could keep this to analyze while you go get me a glass sword, I'll try and make a copy for you." Before you can protest, he pockets the lens. "Let me know when you have the glass @sword."

"I once heard of a @master glassblower who could make glass swords..."
"You're carrying too much. Set something down so you'll have room. Then I'll make you a lens."
"Ah, you've brought me a glass sword! Let me just get your lens..." He fumbles through his pockets. "Oh no! I seem to have lost the lens! Just kidding... Here it is. Now I'll melt down the glass sword and try to cast a lens for you." You watch as he works, intently focused on his task. Finally he pronounces the job a success. "Here's your lens back, and the duplicate. There's no charge - the challenge of the task was reward enough. I don't know what you need these lenses for, but I wish you luck!"

"Minoc is the logical place to look. That town is filled with master craftsmen. Why, I once heard of a man from Minoc who built a @flying machine!"

"Must have been a fairy tale, of course."

"Goodbye, $2. It was nice talking with you."

"That I cannot help you with."

36. Xiao
You see a wise, scholarly woman. "Good $5, @Avatar. For what purpose hast thou come?"

"I am Xiao."

"I serve on the Council of @Wizards. I also teach @spells and sell magical @reagents."

"Their secret is far more @powerful than anything I can teach you."

"Truly, it would be terrible if the wrong person were to learn it.  Only we of the Council of Wizards know the secret.  But since thou art the Avatar, surely it is safe for thee to learn as well."

"Your example inspires us all."

"'Tis our task to keep the forces of magic in @balance throughout the land. We also do what we can to promote the eight @virtues."

"We created the @shrines, many years ago."

"@Thariand can tell thee more."

"He is the librarian at the @Lycaeum."

"Surely you know where the Lycaeum is."

"Not an easy task."

"Which of you?"
"Which one?"
"$1 costs #1 per portion. How many dost thou want?"
"Thou cannot carry any $1!"
$3 hands $6 the $1.
"Thou cannot afford that much! I'll give thee #5; thou cannot have the rest."
"Thou cannot afford any $1!"

"In which Circle do you wish to study?"
"As everybody knows, there are only eight circles."
"I sense that you are only ready for the #1$1 Circle. But such matters are not my concern..."
"I have no spells of that circle."
"Which one?"
"Perhaps you are not ready for this circle."
"You lack the #5 gold required."
"That spell costs #5 gold. Interested?"
$3 teaches you the spell.
"Thou art not yet ready for such knowledge. Seek out and speak with the @wisps, and learn their secrets. Then wilt thou will be prepared to enter the Eighth Circle."

"Thou art always welcome here, Avatar."

"Perhaps you should speak of that to another."

37. Dargoth
You see a stern, severe man in white robes. You interrupt the man from his research. "Yes, yes, what is it?"
"You've come for healing, I suppose."

"I am Dargoth, master of medical lore."

"My true calling is research. My studies here have advanced the healing art throughout the world! But, more often than not, I am called upon to @cure poison ivy and @heal paper cuts! I grow weary of such trifles!"

"I can do nothing for those scars. Still, they look healed."
"Why do you waste my time? None of you are wounded!"
"Which of you?"
"$6, your injury is most interesting! Ah! $6, you have an injury worthy of my skill! It will cost you 30 gold for me to heal you, interested?"
Laying hands upon $6, Dargoth mends the wounds.
"I need to be paid to heal you."
"What else do you need?"

"You don't look good, but you're not poisoned."
"Why do you waste my time? None of you are poisoned!"
"Which of you?"
"Fascinating, $6! I have read about such poison only in ancient books! I haven't gotten many cases like this since they invented swamp boots. It'll cost 10 gold to cure you, interested?"
Laying hands upon $6, Dargoth removes the poison.
"If you can't pay, I can't cure you."

He raises an eyebrow. "You may not be my choice for dinner conversation, but none of you are dead."
"Oh." Seeing the dead body that $6 carries, he becomes more polite. "I am sorry you've lost a compatriot. For 200 gold I can attempt resurrection, interested?"
"Resurrection is a difficult task. I'm sorry, but I need to be paid."
"That ain't enough money. You are #1 gold pieces short. Go see a gravedigger. I'll reckon his price'll be lower."
Your party takes up a collection for their fallen comrade.
Dargoth lays hands upon the corpse... "Doman... thixus... anretu!" And the dead live again!
"I see that $6 carries another slain friend."

"Well, what can I do for thee?"

"Stay out of trouble! I don't want to see my fine workmanship wasted!"

"Come, come, get to the point. I'm a busy man!"

38. Rob
You see a short, congenial fellow. "Welcome to the Blue Bottle Tavern."
"Anything else I can do for you?"

"I'm Rob Frasier."

"I brew Frasier's Folly myself. 'Tis a very popular @ale hereabouts."

"Which, @mead, @wine, @bread, baked @brie, or @ale?"

"I sell @mead, @wine, @bread, baked @brie, and the house brew, @Frasier's @Folly."

"Which of you?"
"Suit yourself."
"It's a fine cheese. We serve it warm with sliced almonds on top. It costs 6 crowns. Would you like some?"
"You can't afford that right now."
"You don't have room to carry it."
$3 serves $6 a plate of brie.

"Which of you?"
"Suit yourself."
"That'll be #1 crowns, okay?"
"You can't afford that right now."
"You don't have room to carry it."
"Good!" $3 gives $6 the $1. "Enjoy!"

"Which of you?"
"I charge 3 gold per loaf. How many do you want?"
"You haven't any room in your pack."
"You can't afford that right now."
$3 gives the bread to $6.
He gives $6 #9 loa/fves of bread. "That's all you can afford."

"See you later."

"I can't help you with that."

39. Aganar
You see a gentleman with an air of leadership about him.
"Good $5, Avatar. Is there ought else I can aid thee with?
"Thou art the Avatar! I saw thy portrait in Lord British's castle. If there be any assistance I can offer, thou needst but ask it."

"I am Lord Aganar of @Moonglow."

"I keep things running smoothly here. 'Tis not difficult in a town of such @honesty."

"Verily, 'tis a fine town. Hast thou ever thought of moving here?"
"Thou wouldst not regret it. There's good @fishing off our shores, and plenty of merriment to be found over at the Blue @Bottle."

"Aye, indeed."

"Thou wilt see much drinking at the Blue Bottle Tavern, and singing, and revelry, and telling of tales. But mostly @drinking."

"If thou art curious, why not go pay a visit? Thou cannot miss it - 'tis the biggest building in town."

"Honesty is the virtue we prize most highly here in Moonglow. We are closest to the @Shrine of Honesty, and indeed, the @Rune of Honesty was entrusted into my care some years ago."

"'Tis north of here, on Dagger Isle."

"Aye, just a ways to the north."

"I had it once, but I entrusted it to @Beyvin's care, as he is the most honest man I know. He lives with @Penumbra."

"Penumbra might be able to help you with that."

"I can't imagine what Beyvin sees in her!"

"Haven't seen him around lately. Penumbra should be able to tell you where to find him."

"Until next we meet, then."

"Well you might ask..."

40. Manrel
You see a pipe-smoking gentleman with the symbol of the Codex @tattooed on his forehead.
"Greetings to you, $2."

"My name is Manrel."

"I'm a @woodworker. I also dabble in @alchemy from time to time."

"I make furniture, cabinets, walking sticks, and the like. Perhaps I can make something for you someday."

"I'm trying to learn how to make healing potions, but I don't have the formula right yet. I did stumble across a wicked recipe for red @mead, though."

"Alas, there's little call for my brew in this town, with the Blue @Bottle serving Frasier's @Folly."

"A fine establishment."

"One of the finest @libations you'll find anywhere."

"Libation or liability - take your pick."

"I went drinking with some friends the night we heard of the discovery of the Codex. When I woke up the next morning, I had this tattoo..."

"I hope you got a chance to deliver the @flowers."
"Oh, have you been to visit my cousin's grave?" ynn
"My mistake."
He looks at you suspiciously. "You wouldn't be wanting the key to his crypt, would you?"
"Well, alright then."
"You're carrying too much right now. Come back for it later."
"Well, perhaps you have your reasons... Okay, you can have the key. But you have to take these @flowers and leave them there."

"@Daffodils were always his favorites... It's too bad I couldn't find any."

"Yes, daffodils."

"Take care, my dear. I hope I'll see you again soon."
"It was a pleasure speaking with you."

"I can't help you with that."

41. Penumbra
You see a small, inscrutable woman, cloaked in shadows.
"Ah, hello Avatar. I was wondering when you would get here. I see you have yet to fulfill your destiny."

"I am the one known as @Penumbra."

"I am the daughter of the eclipse."

"I am a @fortune teller."

"Yes, I can foretell your @future for you."


"Yes he was a terribly @honest fellow. Alas, though, he lacked the virtue of tact. He told the truth once too often, and those he spoke of did not appreciate it. He's buried in the catacombs under Moonglow now, pushing up @daffodils. Even virtue has its price."

"Yes, daffodils."

"I can tell you of both the @rune and the @mantra."

"'Twas buried with @Beyvin, rest his shade."

"For five gold coins I can use my powers to divine the mantra for you. Shall I do this?"
"It is a small price for so profound a word."
"Your ambitions outreach your means."
She closes her eyes in concentration. For long minutes you wait. "What are we waiting for!" whispers Dupre. "She's doubtless fallen asleep, and you've wasted good money for nothing..." Finally Penumbra opens her eyes again. "The word you seek is 'ahm.'"

"Your destiny awaits."

"You must seek the answer to that elsewhere."

"I require a small donation for my services." How much do you give her?
You don't have that much.
"So be it."
She holds her hands out on either side of her crystal ball, not quite touching it, and closes her eyes.After a time, she speaks."The future looks dark. All is unclear. Some more gold would shed further light on your destiny..."
"Though all is dark, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Quickly - more coins before I lose the thread of this vision!"
"Much conflict lies before you. Your end... I cannot see it. More gold is needed."
"You shall travel throughout the land before you are through. A few more coins and all should be clear."
"You will journey into the depths of the earth... Strange creatures will you face... I can almost see the end now."
"You and your companions will face terrible choices... You will need powerful magic to prevail... Wait... There is some barrier before me. Give me just one more coin and I think I can break through it."
"Yes, now all is made clear to me! I see a great Vortex. There is a violet lens that is crucial to your quest. It is broken, and must be made whole. But one lens is not enough! A blue lens is needed as well. You must have two lenses, else all is for naught." She opens her eyes. "I can see no more for now. Leave me, that I might rest."

42. Derydlus
You see a man who looks very amused--whether with his surroundings or himself is hard to say.
"Ah, welcome, $2! Come have a @drink with me! Have you had your fortune told yet?"
"Some people think @Penumbra's a hoax. But she knows her stuff. You should bear with her - she can truly be of great assistance to you."

"Derydlus. And what was yours again? Oh, yes, of course. Come, have a seat."

"Trying to discover all the subtleties of Frasier's @Folly is almost a career in itself!" He smiles.

"Aye, this is the home of Frasier's @Folly!"

"In all the towns of Britannia, you'll find no better brew."

"Here's to Mandrake!"

"My drinking buddy! Let's drink a toast to him, wherever he is." "I'll drink to that!" says Manrel.

"She's a strange one, but she has the gift."

"Leaving already? And you're not even wobbling yet..."

"I'll drink to that," he says, suiting action to word
"$7? Aye, indeed! A toast to $7!"

43. Zellivan
You see a man with a serpent-and-heart tabard covering his chainmail. "Good $5. We meet again."
"I welcome thee to Jhelom. I am Zellivan, and I am lord here. Pray tell me thy name. Please feel at home in this town."

"Thou mayst call me Zellivan."

"The @valorous are often boisterous. I watch over the fighters."

"I held a tournament, to decide who would be entrusted with the rune's care. You might say that '@no @man' was the victor..." He smiles.

"Hear it for thyself at the Sword and Keg @Pub, $2. The songs and @tales do the heart good, I say!"

"Ask him yourself!"

"Those who live the warriors' life like to sing, and to regale one another with fanciful accounts of their exploits."

"Here in Jhelom we delight in the clash of @arms and the din of @battle."

"Speak to Nomaan if thou hast need of arms."

"If thou hast tales of swordsmanship, then the Sword and Keg is the place for thee. 'Tis on the north side of town."

"Ah, battle!" he sighs. For a time he reminisces with you, trading stories about past exploits.

"Only an earthquake could make Jhelom tremble, I daresay. We had one just last year. The piers were broken up, but the @shipwrights repaired them swiftly."

"The shipwrights of Jhelom are fastidious and frugal craftsmen."

"I grew up near Castle Britannia. 'Twas the sunset o'er Brittany Bay and the ships at rest in the harbor which drew me away to the sea."

"Farewell, my friend."

"I cannot help thee with that."

44. Nomaan
You see a blond man with broad shoulders and a stern, unsmiling face.
"Hello again, $2."
"I am Nomaan. What is thy name, $2?" He bows stiffly. "Well met, $2."
"What else can I help thee with?"

"@Naughty Nomaan, they call me."

"I run the armoury, @buying and @selling weapons."

"'Tis just a nickname, of course." You see a hint of a smile on his face.

"I won a rune in a tournament once. 'Tis gone now, though - and there's a fine @tale about it!"

"I remember it as if it were yesterday... Zellivan held a tourney and I was awarded the Rune of Valour. Afterwards, we were at the pub, celebrating. I had drunk a full quart of ale, so my grip was a bit unsteady. I was showing the rune around when it fell from my grasp onto the floor. That's when the @rat ran out."

"It scampered over, seized the trinket and ran back 'cross the floor. We all leapt at it, but the little beast was too quick. It was in the @hole before anybody could stop it."

"It ran into a hole in the west wall of the pub, carrying the rune. We tried everything - banging on the wall, digging, poking with a sword. To no avail, though. We haven't seen the rune since."

"Go ask around in the tavern."

"Certainly, $2. Wouldst thou like @armaments or @ammunition?"

"Which of you?" cc
"Which item?"
Bow/Crossbow/Oil Flask/Spear/SpikedShield
"That $1 costs #1 gold. Interested, $6?"
"But 'twould make thee o'erburdened, $6!"
"Excellent!" After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over the $1.
"But thou hast not enough gold, $6!"

"Which of you?" cc
"Which kind?"
"I only sell $1s by the dozen. How many dozens do you want, $6?"
"Excellent!" After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over #6 $1s.
"Thou canst not carry any $1s, $6!"
"Thou canst not afford that many, but I will give thee flf#6 $1s, $6."
"Thou canst not afford any $1s, $6!"

"Sorry, none of you has anything I need."
"Aye, $6 has something of interest..."
"Which of you?"
"Which item?"
"Will you take #7 gold for that $0, $6?"
"Perhaps some other time, then."
"Perhaps something else then?"
"Done!" $3 hands $6 #7 gold pieces and takes the $0.
"Changed your mind, eh?"

"A fine $5 to you, $2."

"Hmm... Nope, I fear I know nothing of that, $2."

45. Stelnar
You see an angry-looking man wearing short swords on either hip.
"Good $5. Ho there, $2!"
"Good $5, Stelnar." @Shamino and Stelnar shake hands. "$4, this is Stelnar Starhelm." "Pleased to meet you, $2 $4."

"I'm called Starhelm."

"Arvin? He seems a good sort."

"He's a bard. I do not really know him."

"Oh, yes. Brave fellow."

"Shamino and I travelled the Spiritwood together for a time."

"I am a @monster-slayer."

"I hate all monsters. They are a blight on the face of Britannia! For the past year I've been killing @wisps and the like in Spiritwood."

"Wisps are nasty flickers, very hard to kill. Not like @gargoyles, now."

"There's one that they call @Sin 'Vraal. If I had my way, that gargoyle would be a @statue."

"They turn to stone when ye slay them." "That's drivel, friend Starhelm!" says Van Kellian. "A gargoyle's a flesh and blood beast. Stone indeed!" "Bards! A gargoyle is an @ugly monster, and that's that."

Van murmurs, "Ugliness is but skin deep, just as beauty is." "Gargoyle skin is very thick and deep, as everyone knows. Never trust anything ugly."

"He's a vicious @daemon."

"Yes, Sin 'Vraal is an evil wretch. How could Lord @British imagine that a gargoyle could understand virtue?"

"Lord British defeated Sin 'Vraal in the underworld. The gargoyle went to live in the @Dry Land."

"'Tis a @desert east of the Bloody Plains. There is a shrine there."

"I've never been to that desert, or the Shrine of Honesty."

"Farewell, $4. Have a pleasant $5, $2."

"I cannot help ye with that."

46. Van Kellian
You see a man dressed in velvets and silks of yellow, green and blue. His voice is rich and mellow.
"ow do you do. I am the bard Van Kellian. Please, speak your name, $2. A pleasure, to be sure, $7."
"A very good $5 to ye, my friend."

"Call me Van."

"Why, singing is my trade. Songs to soothe the soul and refresh the mind. Shall I sing for ye?" Iolo rolls his eyes and whispers to you. "He believes he does us a favor. This I must hear." "Well? How about a @song?"

"'Tis such a topsy-turvy world When my sweet lady-love whirls by I would that I could catch her eye Sing ho eyo he hum!"
The bard plays a harp and sings. "Tho' she disdains to speak to me Ah how I pine and sigh for her I would that I were handsome Sing ho eyo he hum!"

"Did ye know that the mantra of pride is 'mul?' A @beggar told me that."

"There is little enough dignity in the life of a beggar. I gave him a few coins, of course."

"Starhelm and I have often debated the nature of the gargoyle @Sin 'Vraal."

"If Lord British suffers him to live, then I will not harm him. What possible threat could one @gargoyle living alone in the Dry Lands be?" Stelnar says "I'll tell ye, Van. If ye let one gargoyle live, then ye'll be tempted to spare trolls, and then even cyclopses. And then ye forget valour, and soon ye are overrun by monsters!"

"Valour comes from the courage to be virtuous. Just as compassion comes from a love of all mankind." "Aha! That means monsters are not deserving of mercy!" says Stelnar.  "Courage grows. Why not love?"

"Well, I hear their skin is stony and rough. Their cries are fierce yowlings to make the blood run cold with fear. Though, mind ye, I myself have never faced one in combat."

"Good $5, and farewell."

"Hmm. No, I cannot help ye with that."

47. Heftimus
You see a beggar, clad in the rags of a sailor, with a hook for a right hand.
"Spare a doubloon fer an old seahand?" He holds out his hand.Do you give him any money?
How much do you give?
You do not have that much.

"I be Heftimus McPry, matey."

"Once Buccaneer's @Den quaked at the mention o' me name. I was the greatest sabre fighter on all the high seas. Then one day... I fought Captain @Hawkins, that scurvy dog, an' he struck off me @hand with his sword."

"'Twas a bitter fight; I almost died o' the wound. Hawkins threw me hand to the sharks."

"He be long gone now, he an' his ship the Empire. A pox on his memory!"

"That be an island, matey, and no place fer a decent soul like yerself."

"That bit o' news will cost ye twenty coins. What say ye, matey? Aye or nay?"
"Thank, ye kindly, matey."
"Then maybe ten? Aye or nay?"
"So be it, matey."
"I can't help ye, matey."
"I thank ye kindly, matey. The last I saw o' that bit o' parchment... I needed it to start a fire in a @dungeon. But afore I could apply sparks to the tinder, a huge swarm o' rats drove me away. The scrap o' map lies in the dungeon @Wrong, matey."
"Pah!" He spits on the ground.
"Sorry, don't really know that."

"I've been into the dungeon @Wrong. There's a @cave on this island that looks a lot safer."

"I sleep in front of it every night. Soon as I've saved up a stake, I'm going in there to dig for gold."

"'Twas certainly the wrong place for an old seadog to be!" He laughs, chokes, and coughs for a while."I'll be allright, matey."

"Good journey."

"Sorry, don't really know that."

48. Lyssandra
You see a girl of perhaps twelve years. She is agile, and balances trays of mugs deftly on each hand.
"Hallo, $2. Welcome to the 'Sword and @Keg.'"

"It's Lyssandra, but ye can call me @Andy."

"I take orders for drinks, $2."

"I know 'tis a boy's name, but I like it all the same."

"Sometimes 'tis rough here but I doesn't mind. Some day I'll be a @fighter, ye know."

"The fighting here usually begins over--"Her voice drops to a whisper, "--the @rat!"

"Shhh!" She glances about to see if you have been overheard."See yon hole in the north wall? Look carefully at where floor and wall meet. That's where it took the rune! They tried all manner of tricks to get it out but they all failed. I had an @idea, but nobody listened to me."

"Do ye know of the talking mouse? Lord British's friend?"
"Well, ye would think it was a dumb idea anyways..."
"A mouse could get the rune, of that I'm sure!"

"I know how to get it from the you-know-@what."

"The @rat," she whispers conspiratorially to you.

"Culham has oft sung of it, with @Jerris and @Starhelm."

"His real name is Stelnar. He would be much nicer if he were not so angry all the time."

"He is brave when @fighting, but he is afraid to sing by himself."

"Bye-bye, $2. It was nice talking to you."

"I cannot help ye with that."

49. Culham
You see a small man in a handsome vest made of seashells.
"Why, hullo there, $2. And who might ye be? Oho, that be a name in need of a story."
"Well met, $2 $7. Let me tell ye a @tale."
"Why, hullo there, $4. Have I told ye the one about the gypsies?"
"Oh. Perhaps a @song, then."
"Now there's a @tale."

"Culham's me name, $2."

"When @spirits be low, I play tunes to bring @cheer."

"Once I heard a haunting melody... Old @Magincia." He laughs.

"Well, it used to be a ghost town." He laughs and plays a little tune on his lute.

"The Mantra of Valour bringeth great cheer. I'm not a great singer, but I love to play a song of valour. It makes me @sing."

"I'll sing, though I'd rather @play."

"Would ye really like to hear a story?"
"Well, not everyone likes gypsy tales, I suppose."
"I call this story... Arturosis. Two gypsies come to Trinsic, hungry as usual. One goes out and gathers a poisonous weed from the swamps. The other sneaks into town and puts the plant into the trough of a horse. Well, poor horse doesn't know better. He eats the stuff, swells up and takes ill. The owner, Immanuelle, doesn't know what to do. Along come the gypsies. 'Aiee!' they cry. 'Yonder nag hath contracted 'Arturosis.' Unless it be immediately removed, the rest shall catch the same fatal disease.' Immanuelle decides to sacrifice the diseased one and the gypsies agree heartily. 'For but a few coins,' say the gypsies,' we will lead it away and bury it far from here.' Immanuelle is too happy to hand them the doomed animal's bridle, plus ten coins. So the gypsies make a great kettle of horse stew and bury the rest. A great feast is held 'mongst gypsykind. Meanwhile, Immanuelle thanks virtue that the equine epidemic was caught early on! 'Tis a true story, my friend."

.The pub is filled with the sound of singing. Culham sings for you. "It seemed like such an easy climb I crawled upon the Serpent's Spine I hadn't even time to blanch When down there came an avalanche! And then my mantra came to mind 'Tho boulders bounced and passed with speed. My frozen fingers gripped to rock As sliding snow swept loose my feet. Sing 'ra,' my friends, sing 'ra.' 'Tis a song to make thee strong When the mountains be high And the ground be far... ...Sing 'ra,' my friends, sing 'ra'!"

"Ah, yes. That's quite a story, too. Naughty Nomaan dropped the Rune of Valor, and the rat carried it off." He laughs loudly.

"May we meet again soon, friend."

"Sorry, I cannot help ye with that."

50. Jerris
You see a slender man with boots that come up to his thighs."Hello there, $2. Care to join me in a drink?"
"Not a mead drinker, I guess." He shrugs.
He hands you a mug for a swallow. It is warmed @mead, sweet and bubbly, with a cinnamon stick in it. "Comes from Verity Isle," he says.

"It's mostly made of honey. Ask a brewer."

"Jerris is my name. And yourself? Pleased to make your acquaintance."

"Some day I hope to join @Zellivan's Stalwarts and be a guard."

"When that last earthquake struck, I was pinned 'neath a great tree branch. Lord Zellivan himself hoisted it up while a guard pulled me clear."

"It was a rat, as sure as the world is flat. Darndest thing, too. Nomaan dropped the rune and the rat took it into a little @hole."

"It's right there. On the north wall. See it?"
"Look carefully, $2. Ye will see it if ye keep on looking." Shamino points to a spot west of the bar where the wall meets the ground. "There it is."
"Obviously a rat hole."

"It's in the refrain of the @song."

"Well, I'd rather not sing alone. Get Culham to play it."


"Sorry, $2. I can't help ye with that."

51. Arvin
You see a tavernkeeper.
"Welcome to the Sword and Keg."
"Anything else I can do for you?"

"I be Arvin, mate."

"I sell @rolls, @ale, @mead, @wine, and @rations."

"Which, @rolls, @ale, @mead, @wine, or @rations?"

"Which of you?"
"That'll be #1 crowns. All right?"
"Come back when you have some gold."
"You don't have room to carry it."
"All right." $3 gives $6 the $1.
"Enjoy the drink, matey."

"Which of you?"
"That'll be 2 crowns, okay?"
"Come back when you have some gold."
"You don't have room to carry it."
$3 gives $6 the rolls.
"They're good with butter, ya know."

"Which of you?"
"Rations are 4 gold apiece. How many do you want?"
$3 looks at $6. "You haven't any room in your pack."
"Come back when you have some gold."
$3 hands the rations to $6.
He hands $6 #9 mutton rations. "That's all you can afford."

"See you later."

"I can't help you with that."

52. Martin
You see a jolly, red-faced innkeeper.
"Vell, hello againdere, mine friendws! Velcome to the Varrior's Stead! Vat can I be doing for thee this $5?"

"Mine name ist Martin, but my friends call me '@Dutch.'"

"I run dis @inn."

"Ja, dat's mine name!"

"Room und board ist 5 gold per night per person. Interested?"
"Vell, perhaps some other time, ja?"
"Ach, I'm sorry, but I must haf my #0 gold. Come back ven fortune makes you rich, ah?"
He shows you to your room, and you drift off into a well-earned sleep. The next morning, Martin serves you a huge, tasty breakfast. "A good breakfast is the beginning of a good day!" he cries.

"Haf a good journey!" he calls as you leave.

"I speak your language not so good. Vat is meaning '$7'?"

53. Peer
You see a tall, muscled man with a wide grin. He squints at you. "We've met, haven't we? Hello," he says, lumbering over to you and extending a large hand. "What can I do for ya?"


"I used to sell ships and skiffs. But you bought them all!"
"I sell de @ships and @skiffs."

"My father was a @sailor, but couldn't spell." He laughs out loud.

"And his father before him."

"You bought my last craft!"
"I sell de @ships and @skiffs."

"Sorry, I sold you my last (ship/skiff)."
"Which of you?"
$3 turns to $6. "It'll cost you #4 gold for the deed. Interested?"
"You look pretty full to me, $6."
"Excellent!" After accepting the gold, $3 hands $6 the deed.
"Sail her straight. You'll ne'er find a better craft."
"Thou hast not enough gold."
"Thy party hast not enough gold."
Your party takes up a collection to purchase the vessel.

"So long friend." He lumbers back to his work.

"That's a puzzler."

54. Ben
You see a man as large as the trees that surround his cottage.
"Hah, sneakin' around in my @forest, huh? I told the last one of ya that came by that I'll have nothin' t'do with yer @wars, so shove off!"
"I told ya once already that I want to be left @alone!"
"Hullo again, friend."

"Ben. My @friends call me Big Ben."
"But you ain't one of my friends."
"I guess you can call me 'Big Ben'." He smiles broadly.

"Have ya never seen a lumberman before? Look around. Those stacks o' @wood don't cut themselves."

He fires a look at you. "I said only my @friends call me that."
"'Tis my name. Don't wear it out." He laughs resoundingly at his wit.

"'Tis my name. Don't wear it out." He laughs resoundingly at his wit.

"It surprises you that I would have some. Sometimes it surprises me too." He laughs.

"Aye, this is where I cut trees, and I don't like strangers wanderin' through!"
"You're welcome here, though."

"Ever since I won that choppin' contest, the @king's had a notion I'd be good at wittlin' on men the same way. Well, you can tell him I'm not interested."

"You are from the king, ain't ya?"
"I knew it!"
"Oh." He seems friendlier now.

"Aye, are ya here to buy a log?"
"Well, what do ya want then? Well, come back sometime and I'll cut one for ya."
"Who wants it?"
"Well, why'd ya say you wanted one?"
"But $6 can't carry a log!"
"But $6 don't have 5 gold!"
"Logs is 5 gold apiece. Ya still want one?"
$3 takes $6's gold and hands over a fine yew log. Ben seems friendlier now.
"Too pricey for ya, eh?"

"Careful in those woods now. Accidents happen...."

"I spend too much time in these woods. Ask someone else."

55. Le'nard
You see a short, fat, rosy-cheeked man with long hair covering his eyes.
"He--hello, $2. Nice to see thee again."
The man seems afraid of you. "Wh-what do you want?"

As faint as a whisper comes the word "Le'nard."

"I'm a @tailor, $2."

"But - but none of you has any thread to sell."
"Which of you?"
$3 turns to $6, and says "Will you take 8 gold for that thread?"
"Good, good." He hands $6 8 gold pieces and takes the thread.
"Oh. Okay."

"I sew @pants, @tunics and @dresses, $2. I use a lot of @thread."

He stands still for a moment and then shrugs.
"Sorry, but I don't have any clothes to sell right now. I've been running short on @thread."

He looks around, then waves goodbye.

"I'm not sure what you mean."
"I wouldn't know where to begin. Ask @Marissa in Paws."

56. Andrea
You see an enormous woman, both in size and personality.
"Hello again, (dears/fellahs/dear/handsome)!", she screams as she strides over to you with beer mugs in her hands.
"Welcome to the Slaughtered Lamb. What can I get you?"
"What can I get you?"

"@Andrea! And yours, my fine friend?"
"Pleased to meet you, dear."
"I'm very pleased to meet you," she purrs.

"Yes. Them's who I beat at arm @wrestling call me Miss Barlap, though. Out of respect." She laughs.

"Alright, alright, I admit it - ya won fair an' square. No need to gloat about it..."
"Now don't feel bad, sugar, lots of folks lose to Andrea!" She laughs heartily.
She looks you up and down and then feels your arm. "Care for a match?"

"Honey, I've had many jobs in my time. But runnin' this pub is the best, 'cause I get to meet the strongest @men. I sell @ale, @mead, @wine, and @rations."

"Which, @ale, @mead, @wine, or @rations?"

"Which of you?"
"That's #1 gold, okay?"
"You can't afford it, sweetie."
"You don't have room to carry it."
$3 gives $6 some $1.
"That ought to hold you."

"Which of you?"
"Rations are 4 gold apiece. How many do you want?"
$3 looks at $6. "You haven't any room in your pack."
"You can't afford it, sweetie."
$3 hands the rations to $6.
She hands $6 #9 rations of mutton. "That's all you can afford."

"Look around. Here you'll find the men whose lives have lead them to many dangerous places." Someone in a dark corner shouts "Like this pub!" and all the patrons laugh.

"A little girlie-man. But he does make some fine clothes."

"Now there's a man." She looks into a beer mug and fixes her hair. "I wish he'd come into town more often."

"That old witch? She may not have hit the bottle, but I believe a few have hit her." The patrons around you chuckle.

"I've never seen any creature that could scare me. I say if they want trouble, come in this pub!" The men around her let out a cheer and she turns, acknowledging them with a bow.

"He's never been in here. Can't imagine why--it seems like his kind of establishment."

"So long. Come back when you're thirsty. And if you see that cutie Utomo, tell him Andrea says hi."

"Ask around."

"Yer on!" She grabs your arm and the contest begins! "Arrghh!!! Nnghhh!!! Unghhh!!!" And the winner is...$0!!!
"Well, maybe some other time, sugar..."

57. Utomo
You see a huge, dark-skined man with a close-set face.
"@Ombogo @sano!" he says, smiling widely.
"@Ombogo @dono," he grunts at you from behind a large forge.
"What else?"

"Utomo remember you, how you not remember @Utomo? Utomo, from @island."

"Utomo make good @weapons. Make one for you if you like."

"That mean 'hello.'"

"That mean 'person I don't know.'"

"That mean 'friend.'"

"Utomo mean 'island' in my language. I also from island. Bring magic @fan from island. This town new @home for Utomo now."

"Lady on island make magic fans. They make big wind, blow ships all around."

"Learn to make as boy. I live on island then."

"I come here from @many days away. My home burned by @evil man."

"I not sure where. Got ride on big @ship."

"I stow away when night come. After long time we land and I jump off."

"He say to me, 'You man, you leave home and @kill good people with me.' I ran from him."

"Like people in town. Like Lord British."

"Utomo go and drink at her home. She try @kiss Utomo. Utomo say, 'I no want you' but she kiss anyway. Utomo not go back there."

"Utomo have @girl back home. She not thin like Andrea. Someday Utomo go back and get her. Someday." He plays the poker over the hot coals and looks absently into the fire.

"Her name Yuna. She good tree climber. I not see her for long time."

"In my land it mean 'You have good meal in sun.' It is goodbye in my land."

"I have many things here. You want @arms or @armor?"

"But you no have thing I want!"
"$6 have something I want..."
"Which of you?"
"Which item?"
"I give #7 gold for that $0, okay $6?"
"Maybe later."
"Maybe something else?"
"Good!" $3 hands $6 #7 gold pieces and takes the $0.
"No more, ah? Okay."

"Which of you?"
"Which item?"
Spear/Throwing Axe/Leather Armour/Swamp Boots
"Sell $1 for #1 gold. Okay, $6?"
"$1 is too heavy for you, $6!"
"Good!" After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over the $1.
"$1 cost too much for you, $6!"

"@Omdu Yaf."

"I speak not too much your language."

58. Nicodemus
You see a wizened old man with a ready smile.
"Good $5, Avatar. For what purpose hast thou come?"

"I am Nicodemus."

"Why, bless me, I work here! I sell @reagents and teach @spells. I also do a
little @experimenting."

"Oh, nothing a great adventurer such as yourself would be @interested in."

He gets a suspicious look in his eyes. "Don't be too nosy, (girlie/sonny)!"

"Come back anytime!"

"Nope, nope, I won't talk about that!"


"In which Circle does $6 wish to study?"
"As everybody knows, there are only eight circles."
"I sense that $6 is only ready for the #1$1 Circle. But such matters are not my concern..."
"I have no spells of that circle."
"Which of these?"
Sleep/Unlock Magic/Magic Lock/Mass Sleep/Protection/Conjure/Charm/Mass Protect/Web/Mass Invisibility
"Perhaps $6 is not ready for this circle."
"$6 lacks the #5 gold required."
"That spell costs #5 gold. Interested?"
$3 teaches you the spell.

"Which of you?"
"Which of these?"
Blood Moss/Garlic/Ginseng/Spider Silk/Sulfurous Ash
"$1 costs #1 per portion. How many dost thou want?"
$3 hands $6 the $1.
"Thou cannot carry any $1!"
"Thou cannot afford that much! I'll give thee #5; thou cannot have the rest."
"Thou cannot afford any $1!"

59. Lenora
You see a tall, stern woman, with graying red hair and a perpetual scowl.
"Well, Avatar. I graciously grant thee another interview. I certainly hope thou wilt be more respectful this time."
"Welcome again, worthy Avatar, to my hall."
"Welcome, worthy Avatar, to the Hall of Justice. How may we assist thee in thy quest?"

"I am Lenora, Lady Mayor of Yew."

"It is my honor to preside over this town and its @courts. We also provide the finest @wood in the realm."

"Go ask Ben the logger. Head west from here into the forest until you can go no further. Then look for a way through the trees to the north."

"In Yew we take pride in our system of @justice."

"Indeed, the @Rune of Justice itself was sent here for safekeeping."

"A thief stole the rune from the grave of our most respected resident, the former Lord Mayor. Even though the @thief was caught, we have not yet found the rune."

"The thief is in the jail, awaiting the carriage of justice."

"'Tis most strange, Avatar, that thou knowest not the Mantra of Justice. How can that be?"

"A letter of permission? Dost thou truly need to speak with that reprehensible thief?"

"What, free the thief in return for the rune? Never! To do so would betray everything the rune itself stands for! Better to leave it lost."

"What? What stories has that thief been telling you? He has no family--he's just a drifter! Don't be taken in by his @lies."

"Tell him he's not fooling anyone."

"Nicodemus the enchanter lives near here. His house lies between two rivers."

"May you find that which thou deservest on thy quest."

"Noble Avatar, the affairs of state weigh heavily upon my time. Pray be precise in thy questioning."
"Noble Avatar, we hardly have time to chat about $7 in view of the perils facing our land!"

"Hmpf! Well, mayhap 'twould be best for you to seek such wisdom elsewhere! Thou may return when thou seest fit to answer my question!"
"Hmmm...well, no matter," she says suspiciously. "I suppose 'twould be improper to deny anything the Avatar requires. The Mantra of Justice is 'beh.'"

"Ask again when you have room to carry the letter."
"Very well then." Putting quill to parchment, she drafts a quick letter. "The jailer will now let you in, or verily shall he answer to me!"
"Then why dost thou waste my time with frivolous requests?! Begone, Avatar, and return when thou hast more serious business on thy mind!"

60. Boskin
You see a short, heavyset man dressed in rags.
"I ain't talkin' to you, you're just like all the rest! I'll never crack, no matter 'ow many times you come back!"
"All right, I give up. The rune is 'idden under a potted plant at the Slaughtered Lamb. Now go away and leave me alone."
"$2! Am I glad to see thee! You're me last light in a world of darkness."
"Who's there?" the thief calls insolently. The thief's tone becomes more respectful as he recognizes you. "'Strewth, it's the Avatar! You've got to get me @out of 'ere, $2!"

"Me name's Boskin, $2."

"I'm but a poor farmer, forced into crime by the harshness of these times. There weren't no other way to feed me family, $2!"

"I admit I robbed that grave. But it were only because 'is Lordship wouldn't be needin' that stuff no more. I 'ad me @kids to feed, didn't I?"

"I'll tell you where the rune is if you'll let me @go. I've got me kids to think of."

Tears fill the man's eyes. "My poor children've got no one to take care of them now. I only stole to feed them, and that's the @truth."

"True? Of course it's true! Even a thief like me wouldn't lie to the Avatar."

"All right, I admit it. I 'aven't got any kids. But that stupid cow they got runnin' this place won't listen to reason--a little give-and-take, know what I mean? I tell you what. If I tell you where the rune is, will you take it away? I don't want these pompous blighters to 'ave it. Okay?"
"Then the gargoyles can take the lot of you! You'll never get nothin' out of me!"
"All right, I'll take your word for it. Go to the Slaughtered Lamb; I 'id the rune under a potted plant there. And spit on Her Ladyship for me!"

"You mean it, $2? Are they gonna let me go 'ome?"
His face falls. "Then I ain't sayin' nothin'. I've got me kids to think of, I do."
His face lights up. "I knew I could count on you, $2!"
"And I'll keep my end of the bargain. I 'id the rune under a potted plant in the Slaughtered Lamb inn."ddAs you leave, Iolo whispers to you."Maybe it was necessary, $4, but lying makes me uneasy. Even to someone like him."

"Please, $2! Tell them to let me @go 'ome!"Tell them about me poor fatherless @kids! They'll listen to you!"

"Beg your pardon, $2?"

61. Pridgar
You see an old man, tall and thin. He spends all his time whittling.
"Good $5, $2. Done with the key yet?"
"Well, where is it? Well, that does me no good. Need it here."
"Much obliged," the taciturn jailer says as he takes the key.
"Well, bring it back to me when you are." Without another word, the jailer returns to his carving.
"Good $5, $2. What can I do for you?"

"Name's Pridgarm."

"I mind the @jail. Got a @prisoner in @solitary right now."

"Feller broke into the @grave of His Lordship, the late Mayor."

"Got four of the cleanest @cells you could ask fer."

"He's in @solitary, right over there."

"You'll need my @key to get in there."

"Yup, I could give you the key.... But not without Her Ladyship's @permission."

"You got a letter of permission from Her Ladyship?"
"Gotta have a letter if you want to see the thief."
"Okay, here's the key. Give it back when you're done."
"Well, gotta have a letter if you want to see the thief."

"You offering me a bribe?"
He thinks for a moment. "Nope. Sorry, not interested."
"Pity. Never been offered a bribe before."

"Say, you looking to get the keys to my jail cells?"
"Okay. Never had nobody sound so interested in jest hearing about the jail before."
"Well, ya know, I shouldn't do this. But Her Ladyship is a little too strict about who she puts in here. So I make up fer it by being a little careless with the keys, if you take my meaning."
He tosses you some keys, then turns his back on you.
"You seem to be overloaded some. Happen you should return later when you are less burdened."

"'Taint my place to talk about that. You should go see Her Ladyship, the Mayor."

The jailer nods and says "$5."

"Don't know nothing about that." The old man simply shrugs and keeps on whittling.

62. Jaana
You see the druidess Jaana.
"I fear I know little that would help in this situation, $2."
"Good $5, $2. Hast thou need of my services again?"
"Ask me to @join and I will, gladly, $2!"
"Very well. Thou needst but ask..."
"Good $5, $2! Hast thou fared well in thy travels?"
"Joyous news! Thou must tell me of it sometime."
"Mayhap I could help. Ask me to @join thy band, $2, and gladly I will!"
"$4! 'Tis a great joy and relief to see thou hast returned to Britannia, $2!" She greets your other traveling companions. Everyone seems pleased to be reunited, albeit under tense circumstances. "Mayhap I can help thee in thy struggle against the @gargoyles. Thou needst but ask and I will gladly @join, $2."

"Why, my name's Jaana, $2. Surely my help in thy previous quests was not so insignificant that thou hast forgotten it!"

"Since thy last visit to Britannia, I have lived in Yew, blessing crops and tending to sick animals. Though I know 'tis unbecoming of a simple druid to do so, I miss the excitement of our quests together! I would gladly @join thee, $2, if thou had a use for my skills."

"Surely I misunderstand thee, $2. Am I not already a member of thy band?"
"Gladly, $2!"
"Nay, $2, thou seemst to have enough companions as it is. Mayhap if one of them left your band, thou might have more need of me."
"Let us discuss such matters ashore. I can barely think out here a'sea!" For the first time, you notice that Jaana seems definitely seasick!

"Whatever thou thinkest best, $2. Thou mayst keep my supplies."
"Perhaps I misunderstand, $2. I cannot leave thy party since I am not in it!"
"Let us discuss such matters ashore. I can barely think out here a'sea!" For the first time, you notice that Jaana seems definitely seasick!

"I know little of the gargoyles, $2, save what rumors I hear. But I know that the gargoyles are fierce fighters, and a great threat to the land!"

"I've heard that Nicodemus the enchanter lives between two rivers."

"May the virtues guide us in our quest! Farewell! Return when thou hast more news of thy quest!"

"Alas, I know nothing of $7, $2. Beg pardon?"

63. Isabella
You see a woman of elegant demeanor, wearing a finely embroidered dress.
"Good $5, Avatar. I'm glad thy travels have brought thee here again."
"Ah, $2 $4, the famous Avatar! I have heard much of thy exploits, but never expected to meet you in person. 'Tis indeed an honor."

"I am Lady Isabella. Thy name, of course, is well @known throughout the land."

"The tales of thy exploits are known by even the smallest of children. I recognized thee from the portrait @Woodroffe made the last time thou came to our land."

"One of the finest artisans that ever dwelt in Minoc. Alas, he died of the @flu two years ago."

"Aye, a pity, that."

"'Tis my privilege to be mayor of Minoc, the city of @sacrifice. We are renowned for our fine @craftsmen."

"The artisan's guild is located here."

"We were entrusted with the @Rune of Sacrifice."

"I gave it to @Selganor, the @artisan's guildmaster."

"When the Rune of Sacrifice was sent to our city, I entrusted it to their care."

"He's a fine @musician. He lives just across the road from me, in the @guild hall."

"If I weren't so @busy, I'd take lessons from him myself."

"Aye, this is a big city."

"The good healer @Tara should be able to tell you the mantra. Go ask at her house, on the north side of town."

"Tara is a very compassionate woman."

"I've heard rumors of such creatures, but I know no one who has actually seen one."

"Ah, thou wouldst be interested to hear of that. The balloonist flew off on an important @mission, and never returned. Selganor should be able to tell you more about it. Tell me, is it true you once rode in a balloon whilst on the quest of the Avatar?"
"Ah, well... Some tales are but empty words, with less substance than the breath that carries them."
"It must have been wonderful, to drift amongst the very clouds..."

"Yes, ask Selganor."

"Farewell, and please honor us with your presence again soon."

"I cannot help thee with that."

64. Selganor
You see a slender, graceful man tuning a lute.
"Hail and welcome, $4!"
"Hello. There's something I need to ask you, what was it... Oh, yes, now I remember!"
"Oh, hello. Maybe you can help me with something. My nephew is studying alchemy, and he needs to know this."
"What kind of fork should mandrake roots be prepared with?" (silv)
"What part of the nightshade mushroom is used in spellcasting?" (fung,cap,spor)
"Where does sulfurous ash come from?" (volc,erup)
"What are black pearls used for?" (kine,prop)
"Thanks! Now what can I do for you?"
"No, that doesn't sound right. If only I had a Compendium to look it up in."
"Hmmmm... I wish I knew the answer to that question..." He turns away from you absent-mindedly.

"My name is Selganor. 'Tis a name with a long @history... But you have the look of one with more important @business."

"I am the @guildmaster of artisans."

"It means 'seeker of the @crystal'. Perhaps I'll tell you more some other time."

"That's quite a @tale."


"Perhaps you're interested in joining the @guild."

"I already loaned you the rune."
"I'd be glad to loan you the rune, but only members of the @guild are allowed to handle it."

"Wait a minute... You're already a member of the guild!"
"If you want to join the guild, you need to do two things. First, you need to make a set of @panpipes. @Julia can teach you how to that. You also need to commit '@Stones' to memory. 'Tis a simple tune - ask @Gwenno to play it for thee."

"You should play your panpipes often - 'twill lighten your step on the long road ahead."
"Have you made a set of panpipes?"
"Oh. Well, @Julia can show you how if you need help."
"But I don't see any!"
He inspects the pipes. "Very good, very good indeed. Now tell me the sequence of notes in 'Stones' and I'll induct you in
to the guild. Numeric notation will be fine."

"Oh, you don't have room to carry the Rune of Sacrifice right now. Come back and tell me again when you've made some room."
"Excellent!" He strums a chord on his lute, then taps you lightly once on each shoulder with it. "You are now a full member of the guild of artisans." He reaches into a belt-pouch, takes out the Rune of Sacrifice, and hands it to you. "I'm sure you'll be needing this in your travels. I know you'll find some solution to this gargoyle problem."
"No, I'm afraid that's not it. Gwenno can help you learn the notes."

"Yes, ask her about it. She made my @lute - and most of our other instruments as well. She lives just across the road, next door to Lady @Isabella."

"She's the mayor."

"I know she's around here somewhere..." "I'm right here, Selganor!" "Ah, I knew you'd be somewhere close by."

"I prefer stringed instruments. They make such lovely sounds."

"Oh, are you looking for the man who invented the balloon?" He stares upward, stroking his chin pensively. "Ah yes, now I remember. He flew to @Sutek's castle. Said something about a big job he had to do there."

"Sutek lives on an @island, far to the south."

"It's east of Serpent's Hold."

"It was nice talking to you."

"I don't think I can help you there."

65. Tara
You see a kindly old woman.
"Welcome to my place of healing, Avatar. I hope thou needest not my services!"
"Welcome again, noble Avatar. I hope this visit is for pleasure, not business!"

"My name is Tara."

"I'm the healer for this town. I've cared for the @unfit here for threescore years!"

"Those who need @healing, @curing, or to be @resurrected."

"'Cah,' that is the word of sacrifice."

"But thou art well!"
"But all of you are well!"
"Which of you?"
"I see thy injury, $6. Wilt thou make an offering of 30 gold?"
Tara approaches $6 and binds the wounds.
"If thou wilt not pay, I cannot heal thee."
"I'm sorry. Without an offering I cannot heal thee."
"Thou art poor, but thy cause is just. I will heal thee without payment." Sasha approaches $6 and binds the wounds.
"Is there aught else I can do for thee?"

"But thou art well!"
"But all of you are well!"
"Which of you?"
"I see thy injury, $6. Wilt thou make an offering of 10 gold?"
Tara grabs a vial and pours it down $6's throat. $6 feels much better.
"If thou wilt not pay, I cannot heal thee."
"I'm sorry. Without an offering I cannot heal thee."
"Thou art poor, but thy cause is just. I will heal thee without payment." Tara grabs a vial and pours it down $6's throat.$6 feels much better.

"But gladly can I say that none of your party is dead!"
"Oh! I see that $6 carries a fallen comrade! Wilt thou make an offering of 200 gold?"
"Then there is naught I can do save grieve with thee."
"That isn't enough money. Thou art #1 gold pieces short."
Your party takes up a collection for their fallen comrade.
Tara lays hands upon the corpse... "Doman... thixus... anretu!" And the dead live again!
"I see that $6 carries another slain friend."

"What can I do for thee?"


"I don't understand $7. I beg thy pardon?"

66. Gwenno
You see a plainly dressed bard.
"Is there something you needed to know?"
"Hello, $4."

"It's me, Gwenno. You have been away from our realm a long time, haven't you..."

"Iolo's @apprentice has taken over my job at @Iolo's Bows. These days I've been transcribing the folk @songs of Britannia into numerical @notation for the artisan's @guild. Of course, helping you on your quest is more important than that right now. Of course, if you need my help, I could leave the guild for a time and @join you."

"@Selganor can tell you more about the guild than I could."

"He's the guildmaster."

"I have joined you already!"
"Do you want me to come with you?"
"Okay. Let me know if you need my help later."
"Not while you're in that thing!"
"You have enough travelling with you already. If you ask one of them to @leave first, I'd be happy to join you."
"Okay! It will be nice to spend some time on the road again."
She runs over and hooks arms with @Iolo, and they dance around and around. They're obviously very happy to see each other again.

"I'd have to @join you before I could leave, silly!"
"Let's get our feet back on solid ground first, okay?"
"All right. I'll head back home to Minoc. Come let me know if you need me to join you again later. I'll leave all my things here - some of them might come in handy for you." She gives Iolo a big hug before she leaves. "Remember to keep your socks dry," she says, "and I'll see you when the quest is done."

"The songs of a people are an important part of their heritage. Putting them down on paper helps preserve our @traditions for future generations."

"I'm so glad you appreciate the value of tradition."

"A bit scruffy, but he's the sweetest husband I could ever ask for." Iolo says "You're only saying that because it's true." He gives her a kiss.

"If you need a good crossbow, the shop is in Britain, over by the Blue @Boar."

"It's a lively place."

"A number for every @note, and a note for every @number."

"Each note is represented by one @number."

"Each number @represents one @note."

"I knew you'd catch on!"

"Oh, Selganor sent you, did he? I bet you want to learn '@Stones.'"

"In the standard numerical notation, it reads '678987 8767653'."

"Nice talking with you."

"Sorry, can't help you there."

67. Julia
You see a sturdy woman with calloused hands and a loud manner.
"Aye, and wha' can ye be askin' of me?"
"Sure an' I don't think I can be helpin' ya with this!"
"Aye, so the great Avatar deigns to return, does he? Well, what does (her lady/his lord)ship want now?"
"Well, then the rumors are true! 'Tis well and good that ye have returned to our land, Avatar!"
"Well met, Avatar. An' what can I be doin' for ye this $5?"

"Sure and you're goin' daft, $2. I be named Julia, same as the last time we met!"
"Named Julia I am, $2, and pleased to meet ye."

"Instruments I make, the finest in the land. For now, though, I'm followin' ye, and glad to do it! Not to be immodest, but I'm respected by all the @Guild! Ach, but give it all up I would for a life of @adventure like your own..."

"If ye would like to be a member too, go talk to @Selganor."

"He's the guildmaster."

"Sent you to me they did? Aye, I can believe that. Now the panpipes are a tricky instrument. You gotta have the finest wood. If you want to learn how to make pipes, you'll need to bring a yew @board. But it must be freshly @cut!"

Do ye have a fine yew board for me this $5?"
"Well where is it? I canna see any board on ye!"
"Ach, aye, and good wood it is, too. A fine set of pipes this will make!"
"No? What are ye, daft? I canna be makin' pipes without wood!"
Julia sets the wood down on a bench and starts carving.As you watch, the rough board slowly turns into smooth wood rods.Then she hollows out each rod and pegs them all together.Lastly, she notches each tube and cuts them all to the proper lengths. "An' there it is, $2, a set of panpipes fit for any bard in the land!" She hands you the finished pipes.

"Go to Yew where they grow the best wood in Britannia. Buy a freshly-cut yew log and take it to a sawmill. Have 'em cut it into a board, and bring it back here. Then I'll show ye how panpipes are made!"

"Aye, I'd @join you if ye wish."

"Join ye? Me?"
"Aye, and be dumped off in the middle of nowhere again? Not likely! Find some other sap to do your bidding!"
"Aye, gladly! Let's be on our way."
"Ach, I can tell that you say that to everyone ye meet. Ask me again when you haven't as many companions."
"What are ye, daft? If I join ye, where are we gonna go? Nay, $2. Ask me when we're ashore."
"I'm already in your band! Though now I'm not so sure I want to be led by a crazy person..."

"Leave! Nay, 'tis my house. You do the leavin'!"
"Leave?! And jump overboard?! Ach, I get it. You're makin' a wee joke!"
"What? Oh, I suppose a craftsman isn't warrior enough to suit (her lady/his lord)ship's tastes! Well, that's fine and dandy with me! A good $5 and a good bye to the lot of ye! I'm tired of carrying all this junk anyway!"

"Aye, enough chatting. On with our quest!"
"May fortune follow ye on thy way!"
"Ach, aye! I wouldna want to hinder (her lady/his lord)ship's journey!"

"Are ye daft? Why would I know anything about $7?"
"Nay, $2, I know nothing about $7."

68. Michelle
You see an industrious young woman.
"Well, hello again, Avatar!"
"How can I help thee this fine $5?"

"I'm Michelle. Thou needn't tell me thy name, $4. The Avatar is famous throughout the land!"

"I weave baskets, just like my @father and his father before him. My @baskets are sold throughout Britannia!" she adds proudly.

"Wouldst thou like to buy one of my weavings?"
"All right, though I can give thou the best price in the land!"

"Which of you?"
Regular Basket/Custom job
"Which item?"
"I fear my schedule is packed. I have no time to create a basket for which I have no @plans."
"Those $1s cost #1 gold apiece.How many dost thou wish?"
"Thou canst not carry that many!"
"I will sell thee just #5 $1s."
"But thou canst not carry any $1s!"
"Thou hast not enough gold for that many! I will sell thee just #5 $1s."
"But thou canst not afford any $1s!"
Michelle takes $6's money and hands over the $1. "I appreciate thy business. Is there aught else thou wouldst buy?"
"Perhaps some other time."
"Enjoy thy $1."
"But it would weigh six stones! Thou couldst not carry such a basket, loaded as thou art. Lighten thy load, and then I will weave thee this basket."
"Such a basket would cost 300 gold, in advance. Art thou still interested?"
"I do not blame thee. 'Tis a huge undertaking!"
"Thou hast not enough money for the basket. I fear I cannot afford to start such a task on a mere #2 gold crowns."
Your party takes up a collection to pay for the basket.
She begins weaving the huge basket, chatting with you as she works. "Hast thou found a silk weaver yet?"
"Thou art wise, then. 'Tis a huge bag this will require."
"Well, I can see that this will require a huge silk bag. I know not where thou might find a silk weaver to craft it!"
She continues weaving the basket. "I do not mean to pry, but why dost thou need a balloon anyway?"
"I'm afraid I don't understand."
"Oh, I see." She continues weaving the basket. Time passes...
More time passes..."Finished! It took less time than I had thought it might!" She gives the basket to $6, who struggles under its weight.

"I have all I need, and have no reason to purchase anything more. But I appreciate thy offer."

"Father once told me a story of weaving a basket large enough for eight people! He never showed me the @plans, though."

"Yes, without accurate plans it takes far too much time to craft a basket."
"Then it was true! Father did weave a basket that big! Surely I could do the same." She studies the plans for a moment.

"Farewell! I hope I've aided thy quest!"

"Beg pardon?"

69. Aaron
You see a plump blond man with curly blond hair and a cheerful face.
"Hello again, Avatar!"
"Hello hello! What can I do for you this $5?"

"That's funny. I remember your name!"
"My name's Aaron."

"I run the sawmill! Is there anything I can do for thee?"

"Yes, I saw logs into @boards."

"My mill makes smooth boards and planks out of rough-cut logs."
"Aye, I see $6 has a yew log." He inspects the wood with a practiced eye. "Good grain. Yes, I can make a fine board out of this log. But it will cost thee 5 gold, $6! Still interested?"
"Sorry, but I can't work for free!Come back when you have the 5 gold!"
"You don't have enough room in your pack."
Aaron goes to his saw and turns the log into a flat, sanded board. "There!" He hands $6 the finished product.
"Oh. Well, perhaps some other time then."


"Beg pardon?"

70. Dale
You see a short, barrel-chested man.
"A good $5 to thee, Avatar."
"Anything else can I do for thee?"

"I am Dale the @Glassblower."

"I make @glassware, the finest in the land!"

"Mostly I make wine @bottles, these days."

"Seems folks keep emptying them and needing more."

"Aye, I know how to make glass swords. But there is little @demand for them."

"I require five gems for the crafting. This is too expensive for most. Aye, but things of @beauty they are..."

"Thou seemst like a person who appreciates art. I'll make thee one, if thou hast the @gems."

"Hmmm...You'd have to see a lensmaker about that. I hear there's one near the Lycaeum."

"Aye, a glass sword needs fine gems to complete its beauty!"

"A fine $5 to thee!"


"Sorry, $6, you haven't enough gems."
"Aye, $6, I see the gems you carry. Dost thou wish me to craft thee a glass sword?"
"It will cost thee 5 gems! Art thou certain?"
"Hmm," he scowls, "perhaps I was mistaken about thee..."
"But thou cannot carry such a sword!"
$3 turns to the furnace and begins crafting the sword. Soon it is finished, and you marvel at its beauty! "There she is, and a finer work thou'lt never see!"

71. James
You see a young lad.
"A good $5 to you, $2. Is there more I can do for thee?"
"What can I do for thee?"
"What else can I do for thee?"

"Be more specific, $2. Me master 'as quite a large inventory. Dost thou want @arms or @armor?"

"Which of you?"
"Which item?"
Mace/Sword/Chain Coif/Chain Mail
"That $1 costs #1 gold. Interested, $6?"
"But 'twould make thee o'erburdened, $6!"
"Excellent!" After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over the $1.
"But thou hast not enough gold, $6!"

"Sorry, none of you has anything I need."
"Aye, $6 has something of interest..."
"Which of you?"
"Which item?"
"Will you take #7 gold for that $0, $6?"
"Perhaps some other time, then."
"Perhaps something else then?"
"Done!" $3 hands $6 #7 gold pieces and takes the $0.
"Changed your mind, eh?"

"I'm just the @apprentice, but if you want to @buy or @sell somethin' I can help ya."

"Me master went off to fight the gargoyles.'E ain't been 'eard from since.I'm just mindin' the place 'til 'e gets back."

"Me name's James, $2."

"Good $5 to ya, and I 'ope ye come back soon!"

"Beg pardon, $2?"

72. Trebora
You see a tall, muscled man with a wide grin.
He squints at you. "We've met, haven't we?"
"Hello," he says, lumbering over to you and extending a large hand. "What can I do for ya?"


"I sell @ships and @skiffs."
"I used to sell ships and skiffs. But you bought them all!"

"You bought my last craft!"
"I sell @ship and @skiffs."

"Sorry, I sold you my last ship/skiff."
"Which of you?"
$3 turns to $6. "It'll cost you #4 gold for the deed. Interested?"
"You look pretty full to me, $6."
"Excellent!" After accepting the gold, $3 hands $6 the deed.
"Sail her straight. You'll ne'er find a better craft."
"Thou hast not enough gold."
"Thy party hast not enough gold."
Your party takes up a collection to purchase the vessel.

"So long friend." He lumbers back to his work.

"That's a puzzler."

73. Troy
You see a spidery looking man with delicate hands. "Hello."

"My name is Troy."

"I make @clocks. The movements of the variousparts are very complex and interconnected. Like the @moons and stars, or the pieces on a @chess board."

"The @ticking of clocks is the pulse of @civilization."

"Without clocks, people would just sit around uselessly, with no idea what to do next!"

"Of course, the ticks would be useless without the @tocks."

"They're much deeper sounding and more satisfying than ticks."

"@Ephemerides is going to build a model of the whole system. I helped him design the @gearwork that makes it go."

"I know all about gears.

"He lives at the @Lycaeum."

"It's a great center of @learning."

"If you didn't run around asking foolish questions all the time, you might learn something yourself!"

"I like to play chess. Keeps ones @mind fit.

"Some people don't use theirs - but I do."

"Until we come into conjunction again."

"The sound of the clocks is so soothing... Excuse me, did you say something?"

74. Doris
You see a stunningly beautiful young woman. The woman never looks up from the book she's reading, even when you speak to her.
"Yes, what do you want now?"

"My name's Doris, but you can just call me '@Hey @you.' Everyone else does."

"I'm in charge of the Tinker's Inn while my @father's away. If you have any complaint, no matter how trivial, please feel free to bother me." It doesn't really sound like she means what she said.

"Typical," she mutters.

"Room and board's 5 gold per night per person, cash in advance. Interested?"
"What a pity."
"No pay, no stay. 5 gold, cash in advance."
"#1 gold for the lot of you, cash in advance."
Your party takes up a collection to pay for the rooms.
Putting all thoughts of the rude innkeeper out of your mind, you drift off into a pleasant sleep. The next morning, Doris sullenly serves you breakfast and then returns to her studies.

"Yes, that's what they all say."

"My father called me back from the @Lycaeum so that he could go fight the gargoyles."

"Yes, I'm learning the mystic arts from the great @Xiao. Though I doubt you'd know much about that sort of thing."

"She is the wisest mage in all Britannia. Only she can teach the spells of the greatest @power."

"Mmm-hmm, that's right."

"Mmm-hmmm," she mutters as you leave.*

"Oh really? Hmm, fascinating," she yawns.

75. Sandy
You see a shifty-eyed man with a strange smile. He smells of rancid grease and cooking smoke.
"Hello there, $2."

"My name is Sandstone Angus. Most folks call me Sandy."

"I cook for Lord @Whitsaber. He especially likes my recipe for fish in a white wine @sauce."

"It's my specialty!"

"Hmmm. I'd better get back to cooking... Excuse me." He walks away mumbling, "Magincian @pastry..."

"That big, carefully wrapped bundle could only be a dragon's egg! Will you give it to me?"
"I guess I cannot help you much, then."
"Now I can make Humble Pie!" Overjoyed, he gives you a hug. "So, does the subject of @pirates interest you?"
He shrugs. "As you wish."
"Well, first, there is one in Serpent's Hold. I cannot recall her name, but she has a piece of the map with her. Second, there is one on Dagger Isle. A hermit. Third, I know of a pirate at Empath Abbey, or thereabouts. Nathaniel Moorehead was his name. The @fourth... but then maybe I've said too much already."

"Before Lord Whitsaber came to Trinsic to be our mayor, he had another job... As first mate to Captain Hawkins himself! His real name is Alastor Gordon."

"Truly it shall be a magnificent desert!"
"I could do you a @favor if you did one for me first."

"Let's see... 'A golden orb on a crystal sea, in a box sans hinges, lid, or key.' I'll give you one guess to this riddle."
(egg) "Very good!"
"It's an egg, of course."
"To make Magincian pastry, I require one dragon's @egg."

"Only a @dragon's will do."

"There's a lair in the dungeon Destard, to the northwest. It's not far."


"Sorry, I can't help you with that."

76. Whitsaber
You see a balding but distinguished man.
Recognizing you, fear fills the former pirate's eyes. "What do you want? I thought we had a deal!"
"Welcome back, Avatar!"
"Welcome, Avatar!"

"I am Lord Whitsaber, mayor of this honorable town!"

"I am entrusted with an honor above all others-that of governing Trinsic, the Town of @Honor!"

"Every citizen of this fine town strives every day to be a living example of honor. Of course, thy own example guides us all, Avatar!"

"Me, a pirate? Absurd!" He laughs out loud...but you sense a trace of fear in his voice!

"Wh--what did Sandy tell you? Did he say I was once a @pirate?"
"Then all is lost! Have pity, Avatar, and keep my secret! I have changed since those dark days, truly I have!"
He seems strangely relieved. "Oh. Well, good, because it isn't true!"

"What are you insinuating?"
"All right! If thou wouldst but promise to keep my secret, I'll give thee the map! Agreed?"
"But what more can I do? I cannot change the past! By giving you the map, do I not prove that I have changed my ways? No pirate would willingly give up the key to such a treasure!"
"Oh, thank you, Avatar." He hands over his piece of the map. "I'll rely on thy honor to keep my secret."
"Hmmm... Your backpack is too full." he mutters, and turns away from you.
"I gave you the map. What more do you want?"

"The Rune of Honor? Why, it is on a pedestal in the center of town! Even though the rune is our most prized possession, we do not guard it! And dost thou know why not?"
"Oh." He seems disappointed somehow.
"Because Trinsic is the Town of Honor! None here would be dishonorable enough to steal it. And surely, if any took the rune, they would do the honorable thing and return it afterwards!"

"The Mantra of Honor? Let me think... Oh yes, I remember now. It's 'summ.'"

"Goodbye, Avatar! Thou hast my thanks!"
"Truly are thy compassion and honor an example to us all!"
"Good $5, Avatar. Return again when thou hast more time to chat!"

"I beg thy pardon, Avatar?"

77. Lawrence
You see a small, fussy looking man. "Welcome to the Fool's Pair o' Dice."
"Anything else I can do for you?"

"It's Lawrence."

"I sell @grapes, @ale, @mead, @wine, and @rations."

"Which, @grapes, @ale, @mead, @wine, or @rations?"

"That's #1 gold, okay?"
"Come back when you have some gold."
"You don't have room to carry it."
$3 gives $6 some $1.
"That ought to hold you."

"Which of you?"
"That'll be 3 gold, okay?"
"Come back when you have some gold."
"You don't have room to carry them."
$3 gives $6 some grapes.

Which of you?"
"Rations are 4 gold apiece. How many do you want?"
$3 looks at $6. "You haven't any room in your pack."
"Come back when you have some gold."
$3 hands the rations to $6.
He hands $6 #9 rations of mutton. "That's all you can afford."

78. Harold
You see a tall, muscular man with a solemn look on his face.
"Welcome, $2. What can I do for you?"

"My name is Harold."

"Aye, if you'd bring a horse here, I'd be glad to shoe him for ye."

"@Horseshoes are my living."


"I can't help you with that."

79. Brandon
You see a golden-haired young man.
"Avatar! Good $5, $2! How has thy quest gone?"
"Hey! The Avatar! Good $5, $2!"
"You've come to me to aid thee in thy quest! What an honor!"
"What else can I do for thee?"

"My name's Brandon, $2, and I'm honored to meet thee!"

"Oh, I'm not important like you. I'm just a weaponsmith--and only a @journeyman at that."

"Aye, just a few years ago I was a simple apprentice. Now I @supply arms to all Trinsic!"

"That would be a great honor! I'd love to!" The man comes to his senses. "But no, I can't. I've responsibilites here, especially @now."

"And glad I am to hear it!"

"I have to make @weapons to help fight the gargoyles!"

"Perhaps you'd like to @buy some. I'd be honored to have thee as a customer."

"I have a large inventory, so be more specific: Dost thou want @arms or @armor?"

"Which of you?"
"Which item?"
Mace/Sword/2-Hnd Sword/Iron Helm/Magic Armour/Plate Mail
"That $1 costs #1 gold. Interested?"
"But 'twould make thee o'erburdened, $6!"
"Excellent!" After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over the $1.
"But thou hast not enough gold, $6!"

"Sorry, none of you has anything I need."
"Aye, $6 has something of interest..."
"Which of you?"
"Which item?"
"Will you take #7 gold for that $0, $6?"
"Perhaps some other time, then."
"Perhaps something else then?"
"Done!" $3 hands $6 #7 gold pieces and takes the $0.
"Changed your mind, eh?"

"Farewell! May thy quest succeed, Avatar!"

"Beg pardon, $2?"

80. Immanuelle
You see a sultry, dark-skinned woman dressed in riding-leathers.
"Hello again!"
"Hello, stranger! What can I do for you this $5?"

"Some call me Immanuelle, $2. Others call me...something @else." She winks at you.

"Perhaps some time I will @show you... I think you get the idea."

"Not here."

"I used to raise horses here, in the stables. I also sold @horses, when I had any to sell."

"Alas, the @gargoyles ate all my horses."

"I just know you'll be able to defeat them..."

"Come back again soon!" As you leave, she blows you a kiss.

"Beg pardon, $2?"

81. Tobatha
You see a doddering old woman.
"Who are you and what d'ye want?"
"Eh? Speak up!"

"My name's @Tobatha. But you can call me @maam, youngster."

"Job? I'm a mender of the @inflicted! If I weren't, why would you be here? Now stop this foolishness and tell me what you want, youngster."

"That's @maam to you, youngster. Respect your elders!"

"That's better. Now, what did you want?"

"I can @heal, @cure, and even @raise dead!"

"Oh, sure! Thou art just trying to get on my good side. Well, it won't work!"

"What do you mean, heal? Thou art not wounded!"
"What do you mean, heal? None of you are wounded!"
"Which of you?"
"Aye, I see thy wound, $6. Wilt thou make an offering of 30 gold?"
Laying hands upon $6, Tobatha mends the wounds.
"Well, if thou wilt not pay, why should I heal thee?"
"You youngsters think everything should be free!"
"Thou art not too bad, for a youngster. All right, I'll heal ye." Laying hands upon $6, Tobatha mends the wounds.

"What do you mean, cure? Thou art not poisoned!"
"What do you mean, cure? None of you are poisoned!"
"Which of you?"
"Aye, $6, I can tell that thou art poisoned. Wilt thou make an offering of 10 gold?"
Laying hands upon $6, Tobatha removes the poison.
"Well if thou won't pay, thou won't get cured!"
"You youngsters think everything should be free!"
"Thou art not too bad, for a youngster. All right, I'll cure ye." Laying hands upon $6, Tobatha removes the poison.

"Eh? What foolishness is this? There ain't no dead person here!"
"Well, ain't that just like youngsters? Makin' mistakes and expecting their elders to bail them out. Well, today's your lucky day. Wilt thou make an offering of 200 gold?"
"Then go see a gravedigger. I'll reckon his price'll be lower."
"That ain't enough money."
"Thou art #1 gold pieces short. Go see a gravedigger. I'll reckon his price'll be lower."
Your party takes up a collection for their fallen comrade.
Tobatha lays hands upon the corpse... "Doman... thixus... anretu!" And the dead live again!
"I see that $6's got another one."

"Well, what can I do for thee?"

"Hmph! And not so much as a @thank-you. Well, that's kids today for ye! No manners, the lot of 'em!"

"Don't bother me with that!"

82. Trenton
You see a tall, rather well dressed man with a wilted smile.
"Yes?" he asks, reaching over and removing something invisible from your shoulder.
Recognizing you, his smile flickers a moment. "You have come back. Well?"

"You've forgotten? Well, 'Your @honor' will do."
He sniffs the air as if smelling something bad. "I am, of course, @Trenton @Bell, the mayor. You may call me 'Your Honor'."

"Job? I do not @labor like others."

"I would appreciate if you would use my @title, 'Your @Honor'."

"Yes, I am mayor."



"Well, surely thou canst @read, yes?"

"Yes, reading books is good for your spiritual side."

"You know: @rigging the masts or swabbing the decks."

"You aren't much of a sailor are you? @Yorl and that young @Delancy girl can tell you about that."

"He works at the pier with the @Delancy girl."

"She has run the pier ever since her father, @Quenton, was attacked by a @gargoyle." He coughs then clears his throat.

"@Quenton, not I, was in charge of its safe keeping. Just as I suspected, when he died, so too did our chances of finding the rune. You see, he never told anyone where it was located."

"Speak to @Horance of that. He may be mad, but he is still quick and astute in the ways of magic."

"We were not friends...not good friends, that is. He resented my @position."

"Yes, well, as mayor, I am the shepherd of the @spiritual people of this hamlet."

"We do not believe in violence as a solution to our problems. My flock would not fight against anyone. Therefore, I'm alarmed at the recent @gargoyle sightings."

"Huge fierce creatures, they are. Quenton didn't even have time to @scream before one of those beasts had killed him."

"Many believe if he had screamed, someone in the @inn would have heard him."

"A couple of @travelers were staying there that night, but they said they heard nothing. Still, I find this @strange."

"I do not know their names. 'Twas @Gideon questioned them, not I."

"He runs the @Haunting Inn."

"The one the @travelers were at. It's across the way." He frowns at you.

"Yes, you see, my brother is a guard for Lord British. A few months ago, a gargoyle attempted to enter the castle proper. He said that although they killed the beast, it's horrifying noises still give him @nightmares."

"He keeps hearing its deep growl. I'm sure that even if Quenton couldn't scream, someone would have heard that growl."

"She is a peaceful woman. Very pleasant to talk to."

"For the life of me I've never understood a word he's ever said. They say he drank one too many potions."

"He is a very private sort. I've never been to his abode. He lives east of here, along the road to Britain."


"I fail to see how that relates to the matter at hand..."
"You will have to ask another of that."

83. Gideon
You see a man bent over with age. An old brown tunic hangs loosely on him.
He looks at you, then shouts to someone behind him. "There, I told you, Marta. New people, new food for our souls." He turns back to you. "Welcome to the @Haunting @Inn. Come and sit, for you must have many @tales."
"Is it you, $4?" he says, staring you in the eyes. "Of course it is! Welcome back, traveller."

"@Gideon is what I'm called by one and all."

"My @wife would say it is to annoy the customers with idle @banter. I have @rooms for let."

"Yes, let us swap stories for a while..."

"Tis an old family name meaning 'one who spreads the @word.' My @wife says I spread too many of them."

"The word I spread is one of kindness to all souls!"


"When I was a young man I visited the @shrine. Marta was there, so beautiful. We sat in silence together for hours. Finally, she could take no more and kissed me." A shout comes from the room behind him. He answers, "No, @Marta, our guests are not asleep yet."

"That name used to be just words. But now, with what @Marta saw..."

"The shrine of Spirituality is where we go when we are troubled. You should visit it sometime."

"She hasn't come out of that room since she saw that ghost a few nights ago. She told me the lanterns went out and a spectre drifted in front of her. She let out such a @scream that I heard her from our bedroom." He shakes his head and glances behind him.

"Marta doesn't spook that easy. After all, she's woken up next to me all these years."

"He's the alchemist who lives on @Iver's Rounding. You'll need a boat to get there though."

"It was named after a famous pirate who beached his craft there during a storm."

"If you've never had Stivius' wine, you're in for a treat. He lives next door. Strange fellow... I think he's sampled too much of his own wares."

"I'm sure by now you've heard such banter about old @Quenton. He was a dear soul." Gideon looks past you into the distance. "I could not believe it was him by the well. He lay so quiet, no sign of pain on his face, and just an @amulet in his bloody hand." He looks at the floor and mumbles.

"We came to this island many years ago. Marta and I took care of him when @Mondain's henchmen killed his wife @Elisabeth. We care for his daughter, Marney, now. She's such a brave girl. Neither I nor the @travelers staying here heard anything the night he was @killed."

He looks at you a moment, then leans closer. "They say that Quenton was killed by a Gargoyle. I've heard these beasts eat their prey. Why did they leave Quenton alone then?"

"Yes, Quenton and Yorl were out fishing when a few of those evil ones landed here. They were fleeing Lord British's men and apparently thought our hamlet was safe haven. They went around asking for some person named @Renthar."

"She was an angel. Blonde hair, green eyes, tall slender body. I can still see her face as the men led her to their boat. They said that after she got them past their pursuers she would be freed." He hides his face in his hands. "Our beliefs held us still. She handed @something to her little @girl. Then she @boarded the skiff, and they were gone."

"She is strong in her @beliefs. When we buried her father, she sang a song she wrote for him." He softly sings. "'You put your love in my heart, and now it's fallen apart, but all alone in the dark, I will remove the pain.' 'There is a sting in my eyes, and your name in my cries, but still I realize, that you are part of me.'"

"Elisabeth bowed her head as they sailed off." He attempts to clear his throat. Speaking again, his voice is a whisper. "They found her body along the coast south of here."

"I couldn't see what it was."

"We had no such person in this town. Not by that name."

"We are a peaceful people. We believe that all men have hearts that can possess either good or evil. These evil ones believed that by tearing down others, they could become more powerful. The truth is, when you tear down another's ladder you become no higher, they just become lower. It is harder to build your ladder on your own, but you will see farther in the end."

"I questioned them about the night of the murder. Still, of all of us, my Marta and I had the best vantage point from which to witness the murder. Yet we saw and heard nothing."

"We went and told Yorl what had happened. When he returned with us to the well, he removed the amulet from Quenton's hand and took it to Marney."

"He means well, it's just his attitude is all wrong for the job. He should spend some time in New @Magincia."

"You should sail there someday."

His eyes light up. "He is one of the friendliest people in this hamlet. You must go see him, down by the pier. He's been like a father to Marney."

"She's a dear soul. I sometimes feel sorry for her. I mean, her weight and all. Still, she is one of the most interesting people I've ever met."

"Now there's a sad soul. He was so young when he got tangled up with the wrong group of kids. Had he been raised by someone with a good heart, he might have been one of Lord @British's greatest knights."

"Ask @Yorl. His father used to sail for our ruler."

"#0 gold for a room and a meal. Interested?"
"I'm sorry, but we require cash in advance for our rooms."
You sleep in a comfortable bed...You wake rested and eat a large breakfast.
"Good morning, my friends."
"Perhaps some other time, then."

"Come back, dear souls."

"Ask someone else about that."

84. Stivius
You see a tiny little man with wild eyes.
"Yeah. Ok. Yeah." He looks you up and down and then claps his hands together. "Yeah. Ok. Yeah."
"Back for some more wine?"
"What can I do you for?"

"@Stivius the wine merchant is mine."

"I make @wine."

"Quite a name, eh?"

"Yeah. Maybe you want to buy some."
"Which of you?"
"Which item?"
White Wine/Red Wine/Dry Wine/Sweet Wine/Skara Red/Skara Dry
$3 smiles at $6. "For $0 it will cost you #1 gold. Interested?"
"You look pretty full to me."
"Excellent!" After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over the wine.
$3 looks at $6. "You don't have enough gold."
"Enjoy your $1."
"Too bad, it's really good wine."

"It's not just a @tale you've been hearing."

"Everyone knows that @Quenton haunts this town. If I had been @murdered by those evil ones...but that's just gossip."

"It was late one night and I had just returned from my fields. 'Course my path takes me right by @Gideon's garden. I heard a @noise by the well and saw some @dark forms hunched there. They had huge wings and @evil red eyes. I ran like the wind to my doorway. I was sure I was dead."

"He was a nice enough soul. I sold many bottles to him."

"Gideon runs the Haunting @Inn. His @wife has a garden which you can see from my front door."

"It's the Inn straight across the lane from here."

"She doesn't do much. Helps him run the place."

"Twas a strange @whispering, in a tongue I could not understand."

"It didn't sound like any language I ever heard. More like one o' them guild @languages."

"Like the one the @alchemist speaks."

"Go ask old @Horance. He can tell ya - if you can understand him!"

"He lives over on @Ivers Rounding by himself.

"You must be new to this village. Go see @Marney, she'll get you there."

"She's the daughter of @Quenton - the ghost."

"I couldn't see too clearly. They were about man-@sized though."

"Yes, but they were hunched down so it was hard to see them."

His eyes widen. "@Gargoyles they were! Must'a been ten or @twelve of 'em."

"Well, perhaps more like two or three.I didn't stay around and count 'em."

"Yes. Big, ugly, snarling beasts. 'Course, they were @kneeling when I saw 'em."

"You know, on their knees."

"I don't care much for him. He's always trying to get me to sell him my wine cheaper."

"She's my sweetie." He clasps his hands next to his cheek. "I count the hours until I can see her."

"I have never talked to him. He bought wine from me once but that's it."

"Well, what's to say? I am glad he is again our ruler."

"Come back if you get thirsty."

"Ask someone else about that."

85. Marta
You see a rather plump woman with darting eyes.
"Hello. How are you this $5?"
"Hello again. Are you well $5? What is it you need?"


"It is a plain name, but I must live with it."

"Oh dear, my husband runs the inn. I tend my @garden."

"You've not seen it? I have the loveliest @roses."

"Red as the evening sun on the sea."

"He's a messy person - and smelly too."

"My dear little one? She is an angel - well minded, kind, thoughtful. She's a dear."

"Nasty creatures, or so I hear. Can stomp a garden to pieces in minutes."

"My husband talks a bit too much, but I love him."

"I want to move from this house as soon as we can."

"I cut myself one time in the garden. She healed it."

"Another strange man. We have so many here."

"He never comes into town."

"It was the scariest thing I ever saw! I'm sure it's still lurking about somewhere..."


"You will have to ask another that."

86. Yorl
You see a huge, imposing man adorned in a leather apron.
"Good $5, friend." He extends a huge hand which resembles a slab of meat.
"Ah!" He rumbles up to you with a large, bloody hook. You feel like bolting, but then he drops it in a pocket on his apron and extends a bloody hand. He smells strongly of fish. "What do ya need?"

"Yorl. A short name, but a @strong one!"

"My @father was a coastal @raider.But don't let that out." He lets out a holler and laughs loudly.

He suddenly stops laughing and looks at you, his eyes angry and wide. "Who told you?" With that he throws his head back and laughs again.

"Yes, I had one." He hollers again, this time slapping you on the back.

"I'm a fisherman. 'Tisn't quite as exciting as some jobs, but it keeps me near the @sea."

"Oh, aye, love the sea I do. Even if the @fishing's been poor of late."

"Fish come, fish go. Right now, the fish have gone. But they'll come back!And when they do, I'll be waitin' for 'em with my @nets!"

"Aye, you haveta use nets to do serious fishing. A @pole'll never catch you enough to sell."

"Never use 'em myself. I stick to nets--faster and easier. Man's gotta make a living!"

"That's a @tale they tell in town. I've seen no spirits. Except at old Stivius'."

"You know, 'bout @Marn's pa haunting the @vineyard." He leans closer wiping his hands on his apron. "I think @Stivius has been drinkin' his profits."

"I took it from Quenton's dead body to give to Marney for safe keeping."

"She's the loveliest thing ever seen in these parts. I'm her father now. And if any man should want her hand, he'd better be able to take me square!" He gives you a huge grin and flexes a massive bicep.

"They say that @Quen's ghost haunts that area of town. I can't imagine why. The sea was his lifeblood."

He removes a large hook from his pocket and begins to clean it as he talks. "He's a strange little guy. They say he's the only one who saw Quen murdered. I wish we'd had a better witness." He flips the hook over and over examining it. "Still, those Gargoyles would frighten any man. 'Specially one as small as him."

"He and I were mates. I can still remember the moment @they told me he was dead." He swallows hard and his eyes become glassy. "I miss old Quen."

"@Gideon and @Stivius. They came to my house before dawn and told me that Quen had been killed by @gargoyles."

"He owns the Haunting Inn. He's good people, though his @wife is a bit of a nag."

"She always complains that my house is an @eyesore. I tell you if she comes around here, I'll show her what an eyesore really is!" He slaps you on the back and laughs.

"This is a fishhouse. It's meant to be an eyesore." He laughs again.

"I never seen a one. I seen alot o' things out at sea, @serpents as big as the biggest four-@master. But 'nary a single gargoyle." He looks out towards the sea.

"One o' the tall ships. My father used to pilot one o' the biggest in Lord @British's fleet. The Merideth @Ann. She was a sight to behold, she was."

"She'd seen many a battle with pirates. Then she went to her grave in a @storm. Took nearly two hundred men with her."

"Came up all of a sudden. I say it was @Mondain's doing." He pulls the pipe from his mouth and tamps the tobacco with his stout thumb. "Anyhow, that's when I lost my father."

He stops trying to relight his pipe and looks at you. "Where have you been @scuttled? That's too long a story for this $5."

"Never mind." He sticks his hands in his apron.

He turns his head back towards you, purses his lips, then speaks. "It was a calm night, it was. Quen and I had 'cided to go out on that glassy sea for a fish. Not just any fish, mind ya, a @light-horn."

"When we were boys, Quen's father often talked about such a fish. Said if a body could @catch one, good fortune would be his."

"Yes, good fortune. He said the fish had a glowing horn on it's snout. It only comes close to the surface when the sea is like @glass."

"You see, the fish thought the surface was a mirror and it came up to admire its horn." He chuckles to himself, teeth clenched around the pipe. "Anyway, Quen and I 'cided we'd catch us one in our @skiff."

He pulls the pipe from his mouth and blows some smoke rings. "Well, even though the skiff was small, we figured that we'd @spear the beast and drag it back to port."

"I know it sounds crazy now, but you have to remember, we were only boys. Anyway, we rowed out past Ivers @Rounding and sat in our skiff waiting to see one." He looks out to sea again and chuckles.

"You know, past where the @alchemist lives. Anyway, we sat there for hours with 'nary a sign of life...Then, suddenly, in the distance we could see a tall @neck rising out of the water and heading towards us."

"Old Horance? He's a crazy old coot who lives on the isle."

"As it came closer, a huge wave preceded it and we could make out a giant mouth." He takes his pipe from his mouth and gestures at you. "I tell you, you've never seen two boys make a skiff travel so fast in all your life." He laughs out loud, this time bending over to support himself.

"He's a stuffy one. Never likes to come down here, says it smells."

"She's a heavily rigged one, she is." He winks at you and laughs.

"I don't much care for that one. He used to be one of Mondain's henchmen. I'd plot a course 'round him if I were you."

"My father used to sail in one of his fleets. A brave and mighty ruler he is."

He slaps a hand on your back "Good fortune, and may the wind be at your back."

"That doesn't concern me. Ask another."

87. Dezana
You see a very large woman with a deliberate smile.
"Dezana knows much. Have you returned for more @talk or are you in @need?"
"Mmm...yes?" She looks down at you, her eyes merely slits.

"@Dezana." She smiles like a cat preparing for a meal.

"I can @heal, @cure, and even @resurrect."

"That is correct. Now, are you here to @chat, or are you in @need?"

"Yes? What is thy need--@healing, @curing or @resurrection?"

"You look fine to me."
"None of you look hurt!"
"Which of you?"
"I see thy injury, $6.It will cost you 30 gold, interested?"
$3 approaches $6 and binds the wounds.
"You must pay before I can heal you."

"You don't look poisoned."
"Perhaps you have a hangover, 'cause none of you are poisoned."
"Which of you?"
"You look poisoned to me." She nods at $6. "It'll cost you 10 gold, interested?"
$3 grabs a vial and pours it down $6's throat. $6 feels much better.
"You must pay before I can heal you."

"What? But you carry no dead body!"
"I see that $6 carries a departed friend. Resurrection costs 200 gold, interested?"
"As you wish."
"You don't have enough gold. You might think about a proper burial."
Your party takes up a collection for their fallen comrade.
$3 lays hands upon the corpse... "Doman...thixus...anretu!" And the dead live again!
"I see that $6 carries another slain friend."

"There are many words which travel about this small hamlet. Many are intriguing, some are even dangerous. What words have you heard?"

"That is one worth speaking about. You see, many people travel the @spirit world. Some are lost souls, others have a purpose. @Quenton is not a lost @soul."

"It is a mystical place between here and the hereafter. Quenton resides there."

"They spent their whole life without learning anything or growing inside. They are as children left alone in a crib. Never learning, always seeking."

"He had attained much wisdom before he was forced from here. If his ghost has been seen...And I believe he has...Then he must be attempting to communicate with us about some unfinished business. Perhaps he knows who @killed him."

"I know this much: if you wish to find out who murdered him, you won't be able to ask his ghost. You see, the spirit world can not communicate with ours directly. Although his ghost can hear your questions, he'll respond by @manipulating the environment."

"Yes, you know, make him demonstrate his answers by, say, shaking a branch."

"Those creatures are dangerous. I have heard that they can tear a man to pieces. So why, then, did the gargoyles not attack @Stivius as well? Certainly he would have tasted just as good."

"He is a very stiff man. I believe he may be hiding something about his past."

"A nice fellow, but a bit too simple for me."

"I know something about everyone in this village. However, this man is unknown to me.He never talks about his past."

"He is a dear old man. Never has a mean thing to say of anyone."

"A quaint little man. He has strong feelings for me. I must admit, he has a cute way about him."

"She has seen much pain in her life. More than even I can heal. I pity her."

"He was once a great man. Discovered many of the herbs I use in healing. He discovered something else, however: that total knowledge can corrupt totally. I don't know what drove him mad. And I don't want to know." She shudders slightly.

"Return when you need healing."

"It is not my place to talk about that."

88. Horance
You see a bent, aging man with a scraggly beard and few teeth.
"Dogs are at my doorstep, Yapping at my heels. No way to ignore them. Just pretend that they are eels."
"Once they came for wanting, Twice they came to see, If I am relenting, In my mystery."

"Names I'm always thinking, Names I always see. Have you any inkling What they seem to mean?"

"I have nice @reagents, Also wondrous @spells. If you need such things my friend, That is what I sell."

"That is too familiar, Could it be a friend? No, none is delivered, So I must pretend."

"'Step into my parlor,' Said the spider to the fly. Perhaps if he could holler, He would not have to die."

"Many are pretenders, A harmless game they play. But for the few offenders, Of constant night they pray."

He purses his lips and lets out an eery, high-pitched cry. "That is my impression. Tell me what you think. Can you learn a lesson, From what it has to teach?"

"Don't stick your arm Out too far. It may go home In another car!"-- Burma Shave.

"Ask about a traitor, Ask about a love, And if you are creative, Ask above the dove."

"What is truly fearsome, What can evil be? Not all that growls is gruesome, Not all that hates has wings."

"Through a glowing door, By the full moons' light. For me to tell you more Would take us half the night!"

"He who has opinions, Thinks he knows it all, Will someday end up learning What comes before a fall."

"Simple has its moment And often is received Much better than the brilliant, Who often will deceive."

"Pain can run so deeply That one becomes a mute, In fear of leading others Where goodness is in dispute."

"Kindness is a proverb That all can understand, And those who share it with you Will oft be in demand."

"Little is the difference, That seperates ourselves. Remembering this inference, Is oft a great challenge."

"Love has many rivers, Yet grief can twist them all. Be guided by your wisdom, And you'll achieve the goal."

"A council has a purpose, And yet it can be wrong. There are no notes that singly Put the melody in a song."

The mention of business brings the senile man to his senses momentarily.
"Which of you?"

The mention of business brings the senile man to his senses momentarily.
"In which Circle does $6 wish to study?"
"As everybody knows, there are only eight circles."
"I sense that $6 is only ready for the #1$1 Circle. But such matters are not my concern..."
"I have no spells of that circle."
"Which of these?"
"Perhaps $6 is not ready for this circle.
"$6 lacks the #5 gold required."
"That spell costs #5 gold. Interested?"
$3 teaches you the spell.

"I see that they are going, I'm sure they will return. For if they lack the knowing, They'll always need to learn."

"I hear you have a question. I'm here to answer some. If I may make suggestions, Please ask another one."


89. Marney
You see a tall, delicate looking female. Her smile puts you at ease.
"Hello $2, welcome to my home." Her eyes are as blue as the ocean and her movements as rythmic as the tide.
"I recognize you from before." She winks at you. "What can I do for you?"

"My father chose an ancient word for my name. It means the cool breeze after a storm has passed. @Marney."

"I look after the @dock."

"Oh, you're probably wanting a skiff to get out to old Horance's island. Well, we have none for sale, but feel free to borrow the one at the dock. Be sure to return it, though!"

"It is in a @poem my mother wrote to him when they first met." She grabs a @locket that hangs around her neck and opens it. Inside is a folded piece of cloth with words printed on it. She begins to read. "At first we met and dark clouds gathered, the thunder sounding your approach. Then comes the storm of our hearts pounding and in the end the marney's touch."

"Certainly you can look at it." She hands the tiny cloth to you. Looking at it, you discover that she has read only the first verse of the poem. The second reads, "If I should leave and you are lonely, Remember where my love is kept: Inside a @basket made of promise, You'll find my dreams of us have slept."

"A basket? I have one in my hope chest. Feel free to look for yourself."

"My mother gave me this just before she was taken by those evil men. My mother told me to give it to father when he returned from the @sea. Yorl gave it back to me after he was @killed.

"My father had gone out to help @Yorl bring in the catch that afternoon."

"I am sorry for our town. You see, my father was the caretaker of the rune stone. After he died, we had no way of finding out where he put it."

She bows her head a moment and with a shaky voice begins to speak. "It is something I care not to talk about. His memory brings only sadness to me."

"My father? He was a brave man and very strong. That he died in such a violent way was so wrong. But I am sure there is a reason for it." Her blue eyes glisten with new-formed tears.

She rubs her nose with the knuckle of her hand. "I can not see why those beasts would kill him, but perhaps it was just unfortunate. Still, I can't see why he was at the inn that late. Had he been drinking, @Yorl would have been with him."

"Oh, Yorl." She smiles to herself. "He and father were never apart. After my mother was kidnapped, Yorl helped my father get back on his feet. They were always together." Her gaze returns to you. "If my @father had been drinking at the @inn, Yorl would have been there."

"My father and Yorl would go there after a good catch. @Gideon had been a friend of theirs since youth. The three would would drink and reminisce together."

She looks at you and swallows. "I cannot talk about these creatures."

"I believe he has done all he can for me. When my father was murdered, he took charge to find the gargoyles. None were found though."

Her eyes brighten at the mention of his name. "He is a very handsome man. I see him only occasionally when he comes into town." She looks absently out the window. "Yorl would never let me see him though."

"He and his wife are very kind to me. They have taught me so much about how to treat others."

"He is a sweet little man. He brought me wine on my sixteenth birthday. I'm quite fond of him."

"She has done as much as she can to heal my wounded heart. She bakes for me and we have long talks about almost everything. I wish I were as beautiful as she."

"Ah, now, Horance is much wiser than most know. He is also my mentor when it comes to poetry. He has a way of reminding me that I am too concerned with myself. It is a gentle way, but a firm reminder."

"I saw him once when I was a little girl. We had gone to his castle for a celebration and there he sat on a great white charger. What a sight he was."

"I am sorry that I wept. It is not your fault. Goodbye."

As you ask this, she begins to cry. Gathering her strength she looks at you. "Sorry?"

90. Michael
You see a tall man with muscles looking like huge snakes. "Speak," he growls at you, his voice as rough and cold as stone.

"Are you taking a @census?" His powerful gaze is fixed on you.

"Yes, you know, counting people, taking down names..."

"That name is given to friends so that they may feel they are close to me. Since I have none, refrain from its use."

"That is a concern of the town, not mine."

"He was not fortunate. It is written that it is better to be fortunate than skilled. He, I'm sure, would agree." His face betrays a slight grin.

"All men have enemies. A @debt needed to be settled. He hadn't the strength to settle it, so someone decided to take the initiative." He pulls out a knife and begins to pick at his nails.

"Surely you don't buy the fable of the @gargoyle. There wouldn't be enough left to bury if this were the case. This was no monster who settled the debt, it was the work of man's hands." He brings the knife to his teeth and delicately works it between them.

"Have you ever seen one? If you had you would not believe the fairy tales being told by that incompetent mayor." He grabs the knife and holds it aloft. "See this blade? Their fangs are twice as long and thrice as sharp."

"He is a fool. The perfect man for his job."

"I don't know him."

"Too kind for his own good."

"An annoying little man. Makes good wine though."

"She is kind to me, and yet I believe this is genuine."

"Perhaps the wisest of us all."

"He is one to be respected. I have seen him fight, firsthand. He is a mighty warrior, as well as a just opponent."

He resumes cleaning his nails with his knife.

He ignores the question and you think it wise not to ask again.

91. Quenton
You see a vaporous form hovering before you. A shiver runs up your spine as you feel a chilling draft...The form is that of a man. His mouth moves, yet no words can be heard...

You speak the word and the spectre responds by pointing a boney hand to his @eye.

A wind from behind blows your hair, covering your eyes.

A whirlpool of leaves, twigs and stones whips up around you. Your clothing is yanked by the strong wind forcing you to grip it tightly in your hands.

A cool breeze blows through your hair. You suddenly smell the scent of a storm approaching.

The ghostly image shimmers for a moment and then he points a boney finger to his neck.

The spectre's arm thrusts out, pointing to the @sea.

The spectre's arm thrusts again, this time. This time you see it points towards the pier.

A strong breeze suddenly assaults you with twigs and leaves.

You hear no answer save the rustle of the leaves on the ground around you.

92. Antonio
You see a gentleman of slight build and refined manners.
"Greetings! I am Lord Antonio. Might I ask thy name?"
"Then prithee, what is it?"
"As you wish."
"The pleasure is all mine."
"Greetings, $4! What brings thee here this $5?"

"My name is Antonio."

"I govern @New Magincia. Fortunately the fine people of this town have few disputes to settle, leaving me plenty of time for my @hobby."

"The city of @humility is a lovely place to live."

"I do @magic tricks. It brings a bit of cheer into this imperfect world."

"Wouldst thou like to see one?"
"As you wish."
"Splendid!" Antonio reaches into his pocket and takes out a balloon. He blows it up until it bursts, and four doves appear from inside it, flying off towards the four points of the compass. "Did you enjoy that?"
"Too bad. Perhaps I should learn a better trick."
"I knew you would. That's my favorite trick!"

"The most @humble one amongst us knows the mantra. If thou canst find out who that is, tell me, and I will give thee the rune."

"Dost thou know who is the most humble person in this town?"
"Keep asking around."
"Then what is that person's name?"
"Very astute of thee! Here is the rune, and I wish thee success on thy mission."
"However, thou hast no room in thy pack. Return when thou art less burdened."
"'Tis not fitting that thou shouldst guess. Make sure thou dost know the answer before you speak with me again."

"Until we meet again, may your road be short and your fortunes long."

"I cannot help thee with that."

93. William
You see an old farmer who looks to have has made his peace with life.
"Howdy, stranger."

"M'name is William."

"I'm a @farmer."

"Ask @Antonio."

"The lord of New @Magincia."

"That's where ya are now."

"Working the earth is the lowest form 'o labor. But it provides food for them as writes books, plays music, and other such things. Surely 'tis a humble living, to devote yer life to farmin'. It's about all I do with meself, 'cept when I find time for carvin' @hippos."

"I'll show ya one." The old man gets a fiendish gleam in his eyes as he reaches into his pouch and takes out a small wooden hippo. "Aint she purty? If I don't make the purtiest gol' danged hippos you ever did see, you can call me @Mortimer."

"He's a mighty foolish fellow."

"See ya."

"Can't help you there."

94. Conor
You see a stalwart fellow, with a look of placid concentration.
You think you see a brief flicker of recognition pass between @Iolo and the fisherman. But before you can be certain, he turns to address you.
"Good $5. Is there anything I can do for you?"
"Hello, $4. It's good to see you again."

"Oh, forgive me for not introducing myself. I am Conor Starfalcon. And what is your name?"
"Well met, $2!"

"I am a fisherman. In catching @fish, as in all of life, there is something to be learned."

"We've met before. But that was many @years ago."

"Yes, long ago."

"I still have not mastered the @way of the fisherman. But I think perhaps the key to enlightenment lies not so much in the destination as in the road one travels."

"I am satisfied to live here and learn what I can from the fish."

"The Shrine of Humility is far to the southeast. I'd be glad to take you there in my @boat, but I'm afraid it is too small to weather the high seas."

"It's down at the beach. Feel free to borrow it if you have need."

"You seek to find the humblest in New Magincia? That's a difficult task. I'd hate to commend one of my neighbors to you and fail to do justice to the others. The one thing I can tell you for certain is that it isn't me you're looking for."

"The Mantra of Humility is 'lum'. If you seek the @shrine, I hope you find it."

"I used to be a guildmaster. But that was long ago."

"I no longer follow the way of the warrior."

"If I can help you with anything else, let me know."

"I can't help you with that."

95. Charlotte
You see a pretty young woman with downcast eyes.
"Hello again, $2."
"Good $5, $2."

"I am called Charlotte @Weaver, $2."

"I am but a humble @weaver, $2."

"I turn wool into cloth.I am not very good, but some people take pity on me and buy my @cloth anyway."

"Wouldst thou like some cloth?"
"As you wish, $2."
"Which of you?"
"My cloth costs 25 gold. Interested, $6?"
"Thou knowest best, $6."
"But 'twould make thee o'erburdened, $6!"
"Many thanks!" After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over the cloth.
"But thou hast not enough gold, $6!"
"I'm not sure what you mean."

"As you wish, $2."
"Begging thy pardon, $2, but I see no silk!"
"Aye, $6, I can weave thy silk thread into cloth. It will cost thee 10 gold. Interested?"
"Begging thy pardon, $6, but thou dost not have 10 gold!"
Turning to her loom, Charlotte soon weaves the thread into fine silk cloth. "Finished!" She takes $6's gold and hands over the cloth.
"Thou knowest best, $6."

"Take the cloth to @Marissa. Mayhap she can sew it into a bag for thee."
"I can weave that @silk for thee... Then thou should speak with @Marissa."
"If you had some @silk thread, I could help thee. Go ask @Arbeth if he has any to spare."

"She lives in Paws."

"He lives in Paws."

"'Tis really not my place to speak of that, $2. But honesty is a virtue too, and honesty forces me to admit that I am the humblest person in New Magencia."

"Farewell, $2!"

"'Tis really not my place to speak of that, $2."

96. Dunbar
You see a plump, jovial fellow chewing on a leg of lamb. "Welcome to the Humble Palate."
"Anything else I can do for you?"

"My name is Dunbar," he says between bites of mutton.

"I sell @fish, @ale, @mead, @wine, and @mutton."

"Which, @fish, @ale, @mead, @wine, or @mutton?"

"Which of you?"
"I buy all my fish fresh from @Conor. It's 3 gold per serving. Would you like some?"
"I'm afraid you haven't enough money for it."
"You don't have room to carry it."
$3 serves $6 a fish.
"Next week we should have some red snapper."

"Which of you?"
"For that I charge a modest #1 gold. Want some?"
"I'm afraid you haven't enough money for it."
"You don't have room to carry it."
"Here you go."
"I hope you enjoy it."

"Which of you?"
"Rations cost 4 gold. How many do you want?"
$3 looks at $6. "You haven't any room in your pack."
"I'm afraid you haven't enough money for it."
$3 hands the rations to $6.
He hands $6 #9 mutton rations. "That's all you can afford."

"Serving others it the humblest occupation I could imagine. That's why I opened this place." He pauses to wipe his mouth with the back of his hand.

"I hear he used to be the head of some important @guild."

"I don't know anything about it, but maybe it explains that strange @glow you can see over by his house at night."

"Go see for yourself."

"See you later."

"I can't help you with that."

97. Katrina
You see the humble peasant Katrina.
"I'm but a simple peasant, $2. I doubt I could help in this situation."
"Good $5, $2. Wilt thou allow me to follow you again?"
"Command me to @join and I will, $2."
"As thou deem best, $2."
"Good $5, $2! I hope thou hast fared well in thy travels?"
"The land rejoices when all is well with the Avatar!"
"If there is aught a humble peasant can do to help, I am yours to command."
"$4! I had heard that thou hadst returned to our land, but I dared not believe it! Hast thou returned to save our land from the @gargoyles?"
"Then surely we are saved already!"
"Then perhaps the crisis is not so severe as rumor says. If there is aught a humble peasant might do to aid thy quest, $2, I am yours to command."

"I am called Katrina, $2, as I was the last time we met."

"Times have changed, $2. Where once I grazed sheep, now I till the land. All work is the same to a peasant, $2. We all do what is expected of us. If thou wouldst have me @join thy quest, thou needst but ask."

"Since thou dost think it wise, I wilt join. I hope I can aid thy quest."
"I hesitate to deny any request thou might have. But thou seemst to have enough companions as it is. Mayhap if one of them left your band, thou might have more need of me."
"Surely I misunderstand thee, $2.Am I not already a member of thy band?"
"But $2, there is no need to join you here, aboard ship. There is no place else to go! Mayhap if thou asked again ashore."

"Whatever thou thinkest best, $2. I'll leave my equipment with thee.
"But $2, there is no place for me to go. Mayhap this should wait until we are ashore."

"The gargoyles are a grave threat to the land, $2.Many brave soldiers have died defending us from the invaders!"

"I am most sorry, $2, but I cannot answer thy question. 'Twould be vain of me to answer truthfully, and 'twould be worse to lie."

"May we live up to the trust placed in us."
"Farewell! The Avatar carries with him the hopes of all the land."

"A peasant such as myself knows little about $7, $2."
"Beg pardon, $2?"

98. Aurendir
You see a short man dressed in shepherds clothing.
"Hi there! Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Once I was Aurendir the mighty - now I live a more @modest life."

"I came here to @meditate and tend @sheep."

"So they can be @shorn."

"To make @wool."

"It's used to make @thread."

"To be woven into @cloth."

"You can make @robes from it."

"I wear a robe while I tend @sheep. It's all part of life's great @circle."

"From earth, to grass, to sheep, to me... when I die, I'll return to the @earth."

"That's right."

"I used to be a powerful and wealthy mage. I wore silk robes, and fine jewelry. In fact, I even had my own @castle. But one day in my travels I visited the @Shrine of Humility. Meditating there, I had an idea. I would give up all my earthly possessions and quit the practice of magic. I would live as a shepherd! Surely this would be the greatest act of humility a man could perform. And so you see me here today."

"Those days are no more."

"I should go there again soon... It changed my life."

"You should go meditate at the shrine yourself. I find 'lum' a most effective mantra."

"See you later."

"Beats me."

99. Patrick
You see a colorfully garbed bard.
"Good $5, ma'am/sirrah."

"Patrick's the name. What's yours? A pleasure."

"Same as any @bard - telling @stories, singing @songs, that sort of thing."

"I was trained in the @conservatory, like most of us."

"Johann, Lazeena, Sionnach--they all studied there. Of course, there are always oddballs like @Mandrake."

"A fine bard indeed."

"Completely self taught, he is. Got some odd ideas about the eight @virtues. I have to give him credit, though...Last time we gathered together for a songwriting competition, he won first prize easily."

"Ask him yourself."

"Ok, here's one...The owl and the pussycat sailed to sea In a beautiful pea green boat. Along came a spider and sat down beside them, And the cat said 'Whose been sleeping in my bed!' The clock struck one, the owl fell down, And three little piggies went 'Wee wee wee wee wee' all the way home. I don't understand it at all, but Dr. @Cat says that's his favorite story."

"He's a decent guy, and he doesn't water his @drinks either. He told me I should learn a story with some @ducks in it, though."

"Being a bard can be @thirsty work."

"A warrior mustn't let his blade grow dull, right? Well, so also must a bard keep his throat from getting too dry!"

"Don't ask me. If he likes ducks that's his business."

He clears his throat...
"A lusty young smith at his feist stood a-firing,
His hammer lay by but his forge still aglow,
When to him a buxom young damsel came smiling,
And asked if to work at her forge he would go.
With a jingle vang jingle vang jingle vang jingle,
With a jingle vang jingle vang jingle hi ho.
'I will' said the smith and they went off together,
Unto the young damsel's forge they did go.
They stripped to go to it--'twas hot work and hot weather,
She kindled the fire and she soon made him glow.
With a jingle vang jingle vang jingle vang jingle,
With a jingle vang jingle vang jingle hi ho!
I hope you enjoyed the song!"

"Fare thee well."

"That's an excellent question. Ask me another one!"

100. Thindle
You see a little, white haired man hunched over with age.
"Back, back, back they come." He smiles to himself and claps his hands.
"Yes, yes, yes," he says, bobbing his head up and down.

"@Thindle the spindler." He grins at you.

"Sew, sew, I @sew 'cause I said so."

"Beautiful @clothes, more pretty than those," he points to your stomach.

"Yes, yes, yes. That was quite a guess!"

"Oh my, oh my, you must need cloth."
"Which of you?"
"Very well, but 'tis fine cloth, yes indeed..."
"It'll cost you 15 gold for the cloth. Interested?"
"You look pretty full to me."
"Excellent!" After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over the cloth.
"No discounts, friend. Sorry."
"Very well, but 'tis fine cloth, yes indeed..."

"Sell, now, its thread I feel."
"Sorry, none of you has anything I need."
"Which of you?"
"Very well, very well, I can see you don't want to sell."
"Sorry, you don't have any thread."
$3 turns to $6, and says "Will you take 6 gold for that Thread?"
"Done!" He hands $6 6 gold pieces and takes the thread.

"Yes again, friend!"

"Shorty is my friend. We play @flippits together."

"Silk? Oh no, oh no.Can't work silk, oh my, no.See @Charlotte. She can, yes she can!"

"Humble Charlotte, yes. She can help you.She lives in New Magincia."

"You should learn, you should learn.A nice piece of bone and a small hard @pea--that's all ya need."

"Like an old dog bone. You'll need a @hat too."

"The smaller, the better." He pulls an old @bone from his pocket and a small pea. "Now you get a @hat."

He puts the hat down and mumbles "Put the pea in front of bone..." He gestures with his hands. "...and flippit on home." The pea sails into the hat.

"Bye now. Bye. Say hi to @Mortude if you see him."

He scratches his head and looks around.

101. Mortude
You see a man nearly as wide as he is tall.
"What now?" he sighs.
"What?" he grumbles.

"As the sign on my door reads, '@Mortude the Ropemaker.'"

"What?" He snorts a bit then clears his throat.

He looks at you and raises one eyebrow. "I said I makes @rope."

"The strongest you'll ever tug!" he says, pushing out his chest.
"Which of you?"
"Too bad. You'll never find better rope."
$3 smiles at $6, "For my fine rope it will cost you 5 gold. Interested?"
"Too bad. You'll never find better rope."
"You look pretty full to me."
"Fine, fine!" After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over the rope.
"You don't have enough gold."

"He's a pretty good @flippits, player."

"You have a @bone on ya? We'll play."

"An old @dog bone or somethin'?"

"The smaller, the better. And maybe a @hat."

"A haaat," he repeats, mockingly. "Never played 'ave ya?"

"Too bad."

"Yeah, yeah." He plods off, grumbling.

"Oh, never mind..." He plays with his braided hair a moment then shrugs.

102. Marissa
You see a finely adorned woman with a tight mouth and wide eyes.
"Hello again."
"Hello." She bows formally.

"Marissa. You may call me '@Miss Trihune."

"I create garments of the highest @fashion."

"Yes, that is much better."

"@Clothes fit to see the King in."

"I hardly think the fine clothes I sell are appropriate for someone like you. You'd have them all torn up and covered with filthy dungeon slime in no time."

"Sorry, none of you has anything of interest."
"Which of you?"
"Just as well. That cloth is rather shabby..."
"I don't see any cloth, other than what you're wearing!"
$3 turns to $6 and asks "Will you take 20 gold for that cloth?"
"Done!" She hands $6 20 gold pieces and takes the cloth.

"Yes, I can work with silk. But 'tis out of fashion...Nobody wears silk clothes this season."

"Oh, he's a threadmaker who lives here in town. Silly little man, but a fine spinner. I get all my thread straight from him. No other source would do."

"Yes, that silly Arbeth person can spin spidersilk into thread. Charlotte, from New Magincia, weaves thread into silk cloth. Bring me a bolt of her finest silk cloth, and then I can sew you a silk bag."

"Oh, I understand. A large silk bag. Well, 'tis hardly a challenge for one of my skills. But, since it is important, I'll do it."
"But I'll need to see the plans."
"But I'll need a @bolt of silk to do it, of course."
"But it will cost you 75 gold. Alright?"
"Come back when you have the gold, $6."
She takes the silk cloth and begins to work, following the balloon plans. She works in silence, intent on her sewing. After a while, she completes the silk bag. "There, 'tis done!" she cries, handing you the bag.
"Very well," she sniffs, offended.

"Yes, well, come see me again." She yawns widely.

"Hmph! I am not a gossip, $2. 'Tis not my place to speak of that..."

103. Arbeth
You see a frightened little man who never looks you in the eye. "Yes?" he asks, looking like he expects to be beaten any minute.
"Yes? Oh, it's you." He almost looked you in the eyes then. "What do you want from me?"

He looks around at the ground and mumbles "Arbeth."

"Well," he says so quietly you have to lean close to hear, "I make wool into @thread."

"Arbeth," he repeats quietly.

"I'm not a weaver, $2, just a spinner. Talk to @Thindle."

"He lives here in Paws and is a fine weaver."

"What? Oh, yes, I could spin spidersilk into thread. Do you want me to?"
"Oh. Sorry," he mumbles.
"Which of you?"
"'Tis a most difficult job, $6. It'll cost thee 20 gold! Still interested?"
"Good, good!" He seems much brighter and happier now.
"Oh, but I'll need twoscore bits of spidersilk to do it! Come back when thou hast 40 pieces of spidersilk and I'll make thy thread then."
"Oh, but you'll not be able to carry it, $6! Come back when thy load is lighter and I'll make thy thread then."
"You haven't the gold."
Arbeth takes $6's gold and silk and starts spinning... Soon he has finished a spool of fine silk thread! "There it is, $6, my finest work! A true pleasure!" Arbeth hands $6 the spool of silk. "You'll have to find a @weaver, of course..."

"Which of you?"
"Will you pay 3 gold for a spool of thread?"
"You look pretty full to me."
After accepting $6's gold, $3 hands over the thread.
"You haven't the gold."

"He is nice to me." he stops wringing his hands and seems to relax momentarily.

"He's much too @loud." He looks up suddenly and his face goes ashen.

"But...I mean...maybe not too loud." He whips his head around as if he's looking for someplace to hide.

"She's alright, I guess."

"He's alright, I guess."

A smile crosses his face. "I like her. She brought me cookies once."

"Bye," he whispers.

He twists his shoulders around and holds his palms up.

104. Grison
You see a figure covered from head to toe with flour.
"Hrmph... ptuh... hello again."
"Ptuh... ptuh... hello."

"Grison Fairfleth, at your service."

"As you can see, I turn grain into @flour. It's a pretty demanding job...and a bit messy too."

"You can call me 'Gris' if ya prefer."

"Which of you?"
"Suit yourself."
"I'll sell you a sack of flour for 4 gold. Is that okay?"
"You look pretty full to me."
"Excellent!" $3 hands over the flour.
"You can't afford it."

"He's a good fellow. I grew up with him."

"Yep. We were mates." He continues to wipe the dust from his eyes.

"Shorty, ya mean? He's got a fair temper, I'll tell you that!"

"She's one with a nose to the air instead of the grindstone." He chuckles to himself.

"Scared of his own shadow, he is."

"She's baked many a pie with my flour."

"Meri the wisp, eh? She's sure a cutey."

"One o' the nicest gents I know. Always has a good tale."

"A good, hard worker, that man. Has quite a strong grip too."

"Well, if that's all you need, goodbye."

He sticks a finger in his ear and shakes it. "What?"

105. Dorin
You see a plump older woman with an apron about her waist.
"Oh, good, you've come back. Perhaps for some @pie?" She smiles broadly.
"Hello," she says in a scratchy yet firm voice. "What can I do for ye?"

"Dorin...and yours?
"That's nice."

"At the moment, only Meri and I are here, so I guess I must conduct the @business."

"It was my @mother's name."

"She was a wonderful cook. Taught me all I know."

"We are shepherds."

"He and I like to care for the less fortunate people in town. I like him alot."

"Old Shorty, eh? He's actually quite a nice little man."

"A bit caught up in herself, but likable."

"Poor little guy. He's afraid of the dark, or so I'm told."

"He has the best flour in all the land."

"She's my little angel. If you see her around here, tell her I have errands to run."

She winces at his name. "He is a hard worker, but sometimes his smell is quite strong."

"I like to go on walks with Uby. He has such an interesting life."

"Oh, dear, I'm afraid you just missed the last piece. But I'm baking another, and I'll be sure to save you a slice!"
"Yes, I'm baking the nicest shepherd's pie right now. It's not done yet, but you can have a slice as soon as it is!"

She wipes her hand on her apron, and then waves it at you.

"Sorry, don't know about any $7."

106. Merideth
You see a little girl with a doll in her hands.
"Now you be still, they won't hurt us." She hugs her doll close.
"See, Becky, they've come back." she says to her doll. "What do you want?"

"@Merideth Cassandra Lamby!"

"Oh, I don't work. My @Memah can help you though."

"I'm named after my great @aunt."

"She lives far away."

"My grandma. She's around here somewhere."

"He's a nice man. He got me this doll." She displays it proudly.

"He put a rope in a tree for me to swing on."

"She's a mean woman. Never plays dolls or nothin'."

"He is my secret friend. He tells me stories."

"I think he is a ghost. He's scary." She hugs her doll.

She wrinkles up her face. "He doesn't smell too good."

"He brings my Memah flowers sometimes."

She waves her dolls hand at you and says "Bye."

"Have you heard of that Becky?" she says to her doll.